Placing Turkey Into a Deep Fryer

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Learn the proper and safe way to place a whole turkey into a deep fryer.

    Michael Hedrick

    Mike Hedrick was born on the banks of the New River on the North Carolina Coast. He grew up on BBQ and Pulled Pork was some of his first solid food. After years of growing up as a country boy camping and cooking Mike began Grilling and Barbecuing. After years of cooking for family and friend Mike began his ongoing passion to make the best barbecue in the world. In his first season on the National Barbecue Competition Circuit Mike's Pit Pirate BBQ Team had an amazing Three Top 10's and a 3rd Place Overall Pork at the National Capital Barbecue Battle on Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC. Mike is now the proud Owner/Chef of Pit Pirate BBQ and does Catering from 50 to 500 and also Concession Sales and is currently looking for a Restaurant location. Knowing that serving is more than food Mike organized "Operation BBQ for Our Troops: Walter Reed and collected up donations and and got other BBQ Teams to come and feed 500 of the wounded Soldiers and their Caregivers. When asked by the Assistant Secretary of Defense Health Affairs why he would go to such efforts Mike said “That sir. Seeing the smiles on their faces…the lord says to go and serve, and BBQ is just what I do.”

    Hey guys, Mike Hedrick. Today, we are talking turkey and we got that bird all prepped up, looking good and got a casein injected. What we have been doing on our oils here is we have been monitoring with our long thermometer, we want to get it up and keep it, we want to cook it about 350 degrees, but before we put this cold bird down in there, we have gone ahead and brought the temperature up to another ten degrees.

    So, we have gone up to 360 degrees. So, what we are going to do is, what's going to happen now is once we put that turkey down and the cold turkey is going to cool the oil back down and then we are going to go ahead and get it going. The most important part about this part here folks, is turn the flame of the gas off. We are going to be using the hot oil is going to be in here and we don't want to have any kind of flame going on around that because what's going to happen is that oil is at about 350 degrees, this turkey is cold but the thing about this turkey is, it has got a lot of moisture in there and a lot of water and that water alone is going to want to boil at about, I think it is 230 degrees, but you might want to check me on that.

    At any rate, when we start lowering this down, the first thing that's going to happen is, we are going to go ahead and get a lot of steam and a lot of bubbling. When you do this folks, be really careful. I am going to go ahead and put on some safety glasses right now. I am going to go ahead and put on a big mitt, I have got a big, stainless steel hook here, when I start doing this folks, this is the dangerous part, this is also the fire work, this is the time you invite everybody out, but you have them stand way away.

    So, when we are going to do this is two things are going to happen as one- we have our flame out and as we start lowering it down, it is going to start sizzling and cracking and snapping and popping. The main thing we want to make sure that we don't do is panic. I told you she'll be popping. We don't want to panic and drop this. We want to take our time and slowly, get it all the way down into the oil, little bit of a steam on me, but not so much that I need to panic and I have set it all the way down in the cooker.

    As that is going, when that calms down just a little bit we are going to go ahead and turn our flame back on and keep it at a steady 350 degrees. You want to cook your turkeys at about 3 minutes a pound. So, we are looking probably, about 25 to 30 minutes for this. So, we are going to stay right here with this, we are not going to leave, we are not going to let the kids around, we like to joke around, but we are going to be real serious about this one here folks, so, I am going to monitor this.

    Next thing that will come in up though, we are going to pulling this thing up out of there and seeing how she does.