Planked Salmon on the Grill

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Phil Anderson demonstrates how to make planked salmon on grill.

    Phil Anderson: Hi! I am Chef Phil, Harris Teeter's Executive Chef. And today, because it's such a beautiful day we have chosen to do Plank Salmon on the Grill. Native Americans taught us how to use wood, to smoke their salmon or seafood. You use unseasoned wood, and you soak it. Now I use the soy sauce to flavor it, I would put soy sauce on it, let it sit there for a little while, and then after it's soaked for 24 hours; set it while for overnight. Then I grilled it. So now it's seasoned for me to use for the first time. I had to do some prep work in the kitchen. So I started off with a little bit of water, then I added some dry dill, some sesame seeds, both about a teaspoon each. Three tablespoons of brown sugar, two tablespoons of soy sauce, and two tablespoons of sesame oil. I mixed them all together and that's what we have right here. I have got a pretty hot grill here; these dills are on high fall so there are all kinds of direct heat that's coming up. This side is off. So I am going to use an indirect heat to cook our salmon. So we are going take our seafood, beautiful salmon here, skin side down on the plank. Then we're going to take our mixture of the brown sugar, soy, sesame, dill, mix that up all the acidities on the bottom. So you want to make sure that it gets on the top, are blended well. And then we're just going to dot it all our beautiful salmon. We are going to continue to do this as it cooks. We are going to put this on the indirect heat side of our grill. We're going to cover it; it's going to take about 25 minutes. We have got it at a little over 400 degrees. So we are going to check it periodically and when we check it we're going to add a little bit more of our sauce. So we'll see in about 25. Okay, we've waited that 25 minutes; pasted it on an off there for a while. Now the salmon is kind of cheek to nowadays to have your Salmon medium red or reddish. So cook it as long as you want, or how you like to eat it. But I can tell you that the end pieces are going to be more done than the center; and so we are going to take it and put it to a pan here. It's going to continue to cook a little bit. It's called carry over cooking. And this is such a fragile piece of the fish that we want to either eat it now or refrigerate it. And here you have it Planked Salmon on the Grill. Enjoy!