Plant a Tree – Placing the Tree in the Hole

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional Horticulturist Mitch Baker from the American Plant Food Company demonstrates how to place the new tree or shrub in your freshly dug hole.

    Mitch Baker

    Mitch Baker is the Horticultural Specialist at the American Plant Food Co. Garden Center and Nursery, in Bethesda, MD, focusing on natural gardening products and organic gardening. Mitch is a MD Certified Professional Horticulturist, with 31 years of experience in the garden center industry. He has studied at numerous horticultural institutions from New York to Oregon, and also serves on the board of the Rachel Carson Council.

    Hi, I am Mitch Baker with American Plant Food, and now were ready to place that tree in its new home. Now, weve prepared the soil, were going to remove the proper amount of soil, so that when we place the root ball in the hole, its at the proper depth, and that's very important. We dont want to place this tree at ground level, because its going to settle some. We have loosened the soil, soil is going to settle. So, we want to place it slightly above grade to allow for that settling. So, we are only taking out enough of this amended soil, so that when we place the tree in the hole, its going to be slightly above grade. Its better to have the tree a little too high. You can always bring additional soil up around it, but if it settles too deep below grade, then you are going to have problems; drainage problems, root rot, suffocation, compaction. So, lets keep the tree well above grade. Alright, this looks like the proper depth. Now, you always want to look, get the best side of the tree where you can enjoy it the most, and I think we have placed that one properly. The next step is going to be backfilling with this amended soil, and then were also going to talk about the addition of biostimulants at this time to enhance root development.