Planting Fall Garden Vegetables & Flowers

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master gardener William Moss demonstrates how to plant fall gardens, including what plants to choose.

    William Moss: Fall marks the end of hot weather but not the growing season, many plants that sell in the cool bright days of autumn, today we're talking Fall gardening. Fall is a great season for growing; the sunlight, temperature, and rainfall are usually moderate. The weather is spring like and plants love it. So fall crop to sow, include lettuce, arugula, kales, and green onions. Lots of flowering plants shine in fall like asters, mums, turtle heads, lots of great fall blooming perennials, that will come back year after year. All these fall plants will be available at most garden centers, and some will even have the autumn crocuses. Autumn crocuses are like their cousins from spring yet they bloom in the fall. They really give you a nice surprise, add some to your garden. Water well after the planting and keep moist for a couple of weeks to help the plants establish. With a little effort and luck, you could have garden fresh flowers and food well after Jack Frost arrives. Get out and grow.