Plastic Surgery – Nose Job Procedures

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. George Bitar informs viewers about the benefits of a rhinoplasty revision.

    Dr. George Bitar: Hi! I am Dr. George Bitar, Board-certified plastic surgeon and medical director of the Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute.

    Today I am discussing the basics of one of my favorite cosmetic procedures, Revision Rhinoplasty.

    I wish I had a dime for every time I heard a rhinoplasty patient tell me, doc, I don't want a different nose, I just want my nose only nicer.

    Today there are specialized comprehensive approaches to rhinoplasties, from non-surgical rhinoplasties to very complex redo or revision rhinoplasties to improve breathing and appearance.

    Whether you think your nose is too thin, too wide or you hit the bump in the front, this procedure addresses many areas of nose aesthetics. If you are looking for something non-surgical there are rhinoplastic procedures that only involve fillers.

    These procedures can address a small hump, a deficient bridge or a flat tip in a few minutes and without surgery. There are also basic first time rhinoplasties. With multiple nationalities and ethnic background there is no need to worry, you can fix your nose while keeping your ethnic identity intact.

    Finally there are also rhinoplasty revisions for people who are dissatisfied with rhinoplasty performed in the past. This can be a very emotional subject and the surgery can be complex due to scar tissue and prior surgery. But also very rewarding when you have the nose that you want and can breathe normally again.

    Sometimes a revision or secondary rhinoplasty requires a septo-plasty to improve the breathing. Sometimes inferior turbinectomy is needed to be addressed, other times there's not enough cartilage and we need to bring cartilage from the septum or the years to rebuild the nose.

    Doctors may also need to do spreader grafts to improve the breathing as a last resort. No matter how severely damaged the nose maybe, with a well-trained surgeon you can be happy with the face.

    So if you're interested in correcting a previous rhinoplasty, talk to a Board-certified plastic surgeon about your rhinoplasty revision options.