Plastic Surgery – Surgery After Weight Loss

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. George Bitar informs viewers about a procedure you can have after significant weight loss.

    Dr. George Bitar: Hi! I am Dr. George Bitar, board-certified plastic surgeon and medical director of the Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institutes. Today, we'll talk about body contouring after weight loss.

    If you have experienced significant weight loss, you are over the hardest part. However, you may still have concerns that affect your desired results including loose excess skin, stubborn fat and volume loss in the face and neck.

    Nowadays, plastic surgeons specializing in body contouring after weight-loss can help people, who have lost weight to lead happy and healthy lives without having to worry when they look in the mirror.

    Dr. Robert Centeno: Hi! I am Dr. Robert Centeno with the Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute. The most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedures after weight loss include facelifts, neck-lifts and fat transfer which are used to address sagging skin of the neck, cheeks and jaws as well as volume loss associated with weight loss.

    Arm lifts address access skin of the upper arms. Breast lift with implants are your own tissue restore lost volume in shape. Upper body lifts maybe recommended to address severe skin laxity of the upper back and chest.

    Tummy tucks and thigh lifts address the access skin of the abdomen and thighs. And finally lower body lifts liposuction and buttock augmentation addresses the sagging skin of the abdomen flanks and back and sculpt the buttocks.

    If you're interested in transforming your body after weight loss, consider surgery to remove the excess skin and complete the last step towards the new you.