Plating Chicken Breasts with Grits and Orange Remoulade

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Michel Richard of Citronelle demonstrates how to make a beautiful dinner for Valentine’s day including tips for plating the meal for an amazing presentation.

    Michel Richard: I am Michel Richard from Citronelle, a great restaurant in Washington D.

    C. We have been working very, very hard for the past few hours on creating a fun Valentine's Day dinner. Here we have some chicken, fried chicken. It's hot, we made the sauce and here we have our grits, potato grits. Now we will put the whole thing together. Here I am going to take a piece of chicken, it's warm. Maybe I need to add some seasoning over my chicken, some fresh ground pepper and I am going to cut the chicken in half. The good thing, it's easy to cut the chicken in half, there is no bone. Here we are, look at that, moist chicken. I am going to place the sauce right in the middle. That looks good. You don't need to wait for Valentine's Day to come up with a beautiful dish like this, do it everyday, Valentine's Day everyday. I am going to dress up with a little bit of -- I love the little greens like this. You feel like you are in a countryside of those great big city, the green, nice and you serve it.

    On the side you serve the grits and you mix it together. You can control the amount of grits you want to eat and the chicken, you won't be able to control the amount because you are going to eat the whole thing. The main ingredient on that dish was love. Whose love? Love of Valentine's Day but I forget something. My gosh! I forget the desserts. We have to make dessert, chocolate truffle are coming. I am going to show you how to make the most delightful chocolate truffle, easy.