Plating the Oven Roasted Branzino

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chefs Rob Carson and Paolo Buffa demonstrate how to plate oven roasted branzino.

    Rob Carson: Once again, my name is Rob Carson. I am in my kitchen with Paolo Buffa from Bice Ristorante in Bethesda Maryland and our sea bass is finished and we are ready to plate it. Paolo Buffa: Yes absolutely and that is very easy. You want to do these in front of your guests because that's about the steam that comes out of the fish, that's where the flavor is, that's were the all presentation with this is all about. It's not hot because only the plate on the bottom will be hot. The real parchment paper doesn't get hot. So we take this, oh, you can see this thing from here, amazing. Once it's there you want to break that paper like in four to five sides just like that look. There you go. Rob Carson: Oh, that looks great and real good. Paolo Buffa: You see there? This is amazing look at it, look at this. So you open it and at the same time you fold it. Rob Carson: Just like that.

    Paola Buffa: Yeah just like that. Rob Carson: That's great okay. Paola Buffa: Now we are going to finish this with a little bit of thyme, just like that then we are going to put a nice zip of extra virgin olive oil, flavor enhancing that's beautiful. Rob Carson: Excellent, excellent, it looks great. Paolo Buffa: Then we can serve it. If you like a little bit more salt, put a nice spoon of your salt right on the plate and then you can use it and this is actually our branzino alright, the Mediterranean sea bass. Rob Carson: I think my wife will be really mad if I did that to one of her spoons though. This looks fantastic. Thank you Paolo.

    Paola Buffa: Not a problem, dig in. Rob Carson: Let's do.

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