Play Halo – Heads Up Display of Halo 3

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Video game expert Derek Campbell demonstrates how to manage the heads up display of Halo 3.

    Derek Campbell: Hi! I am Derek, Halo expert. What we're talking about today are some of the basics of Halo 3. What we're going to be getting into now is your Heads Up Display or HUD as it's called. So, let's go ahead and take a look at that.

    Okay, so here we are, I guess it doesn't like too much of anything as of right now but basically what we're looking at is the Heads Up Display or HUD as it's called, and basically what the HUD is what the Master Chief sees through his visor. Okay, so now if we take a look to the upper left hand corner we're going to see a couple of grenade choices that we have and how many of each one that we do have. So you can scroll through those when you collect new grenades around the area. Just below that you're going to see your combat equipment. It displays all kinds of cool things that are very exclusive to only Halo 3.

    If you look just below that you're going to see your motion tracker and basically what that is, is just a radar that kind of indicates out where your allies are, where your enemies are and where your way point is. You're going to know your allies because it's going to show up as a yellow dot on the screen. You're going to know your enemies because they show up as a red dot on the screen.

    So, we have two blue marks as you could see on the screen right now, one of it which is a triangular follow marker that indicates your ally. Now, the other one that you're going to see is your way point. As you can see it has a meter so it measures how close you are to your objective or your destination. Follow that, you're going to get your objective much quicker and much more effectively. Just follow right on it. You could also see it inside your radar at the bottom of left hand screen. As you can see I am moving closer and closer to it until the yellow in the center just kind of reaches it. Now let's get going.

    So, if you direct your attention to the upper center of the screen you are going to see your shield meter, and right now it means it's in full health because you see a solid blue line. Now I can to demonstrate what it's going to look like if it were totally depleted you just see, it's flashing red right now. It means your shield is depleted and you should probably take cover.

    Okay. Now, let's take a look to a right, you're going to see your weapon selection there. You're going to see what weapons you have and how many rounds or how much charge you have left in these one of your weapons. As you can see right now I have 57 rounds in my assault rifle. I can change weapons and I have full charge within beam cannon. So, let's go ahead and take a shot there. As you can see now it's at 90%.

    So that's your basic Heads Up Display for the Halo game. Stay tuned because coming up next we're going to be talking about the controls of Halo.