Play Halo – Operate and Jack Halo 3 Enemy Vehicles

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Video game expert Derek Campbell demonstrates how to play Halo and steal and drive enemy vehicles in Halo 3.

    Derek Campbell: Hi! I am Derek Campbell, Halo expert, and what we're talking today are some of the basics of Halo 3. What I'd like to get into now is how to operate and jack a couple of those enemy vehicles that you're going to encounter in the game.

    So, here we are. We're going to be approached by enemy Ghost very soon, and what we're going to do to steal this is to press the right bumper right there as it's coming right along with this. Now, it requires some timing, but if you get it just right, you should be able to get on, kick them right off, use it against your enemy, very effective way to get the upper hand on your opponents. Use your advantages with the enemy vehicles and keep going and have some fun.

    Okay, so what we have right here is a Ghost, and you're going to find a little bit of a difference in operating enemy vehicles as opposed to USNC vehicles. So, let's go ahead and get started. Again, you're going to look left, look right, and you could see that the vehicle follows right where the marker is. These vehicles are very fast. So, let's  go ahead and get going. So, what we're going to do is press forward on the left analog stick, and again your speed depends on how fast you press it. So, let's go ahead and press it pretty hard there and get going, moving pretty fast. One thing that you might want to do is accelerate to get away from your enemies. So, let's turn around here and now that we have some open space, let's go ahead and depress the L trigger, that's going to engage our back burners here. So, let's go ahead and move real fast. All right, so there we go, you got to get your way. Now, your steering is a little bit limited when you're doing that, so if you need to slow down or make a sharp turn, just go ahead and let lose the L trigger there.

    Okay, so lastly I'd like to show you how to fire on your enemy during the Halo game. I think that's pretty important thing. You can't just run away forever. Sometimes you've got to get in the mix of things and start blasting. So, aim your target right there to enemy. Let's pretend these barrels are target. What we're going to do is just depress the right trigger there, it's going to take it right out. Okay, now to get out of your vehicle again press the right bumper, that's going to get you out and now you're ready to some hand-to-hand combat.

    Okay, here we have an enemy Chopper here. To get the jump on this guy, depress the right bumper, here's another enemy Chopper here; depress the right bumper at the right timing to, sort of, get onto the enemy Chopper and just, kind of, take advantage of it. In this point you can operate the enemy's weapons by depressing the right trigger there. Try to outsmart the enemy, again, use your -- take your enemy's vehicle to your advantage. Sometimes you can just run right over your enemy, you can use it to shoot at them, don't let them take it back because they can do that. Use your enemy vehicles and enemy weapons to really get the advantage. It's a great thing to do to really get the drop on your opponent and give yourself quite advantage in beating the game.

    Okay, so what we see here is an enemy Chopper. What we're going to do is go ahead and jump right in it here, and you kind of, ride it like a motorcycle, hence the name Chopper. It's the powerful, very maneuverable thing. As you can see, you look left and right it's going to spin you right around, now it's really fast. So, to get going just go ahead and press forward on your left analog stick and the harder you press it the faster you're going to move. If you press the right analog stick, that's your look direction, so you can look left, look right, spin around the circle and it's a very, very maneuverable little contraption there. Now, to fire what you want to do is press on the right trigger, that's going to fire your primary weapons. Another thing, if you really want to go fast and you really need to get out of the way of your opponents, go ahead and press the left trigger and that's going to deploy your jets pack there. So, head towards your enemy, head towards your destination, take enemies out with the enemy Chopper. It's a great weapon, run right over your enemies. The only thing I'll have to say is try to avoid any head on collusions with this as it will totally destroy your vehicle. Okay, so that's how to drive an enemy Chopper.

    Okay, what we have here is a Banshee. You don't see too much of this during gameplay, but in case you're fighting against your buddies, this information here is going to little bit of the heads up on how to get in the Banshee, fly the Banshee and get going. So, again you have your little target area there, point your target to wherever you want to go by controlling the right trigger there, the right analog stick, control your direction by controlling the right analog stick. Move the analog stick right and you move right, move it left and you move left. Press forward on it, it's going to give you a little bit of gas, you can get some elevation here by looking up toward the sky, that's going to get you high pretty quick. You can also look down, that's going to shoot you right back down towards the ground, all the while pressing forward with the left analog stick.

    Okay, now get your barriers, get your directions, now what we're going to do is do a barrel roll, you can do that by holding left, the left arrow, by holding left on your left analog stick and pressing the A button, that's the green button on the controller here. So, hold left, press A , and there you go, you can do a barrel roll to the left, reverse that by pressing right on the analog stick and pressing A , that's going to make a barrel roll right. Now, another trick to get some elevation and to get the drop on your opponent is to hold down on analog stick, that's going to slow you down and start to bring you down, but as soon as you press the A button that's going to flip you right around, you can look down and start blasting on your opponent. Now, how do you start blasting? That's going to be the right trigger here, that's going to send out your plasma cannons, that's going to take out your enemy very quickly and very effectively. Now, if you really want to lay some strafing power on them what you can do is press the red button here on the controller, that's going to let lose your plasma cannon there. So, go ahead and press the B button, you're going to shoot a nice powerful concentrated blast of energy right down towards your opponent, very effective combat technique.

    So, what we're going to do right now is try to jack this enemy Wraith right here, it's right in front of us. If I can get close enough to it, it requires a little bit of timing, but basically when you get close to it, just go ahead and press this right bumper on there, you should be able to hop right onto it, press the B button thoroughly, punch open the door up and just jump right in. Once you jump inside the enemy Wraith, it's all yours. Again, depress the trigger to shoot your primary weapon there, very effective weapon, get the upper hand against your enemy. Jack enemy vehicles, have a lot of fun with it, take them and take them for a ride, and then take your enemy to Davy Jones. So, that's how you operate and jack some of those enemy vehicles that you're going to be encountering in the Halo 3 video game.