Play Poker – No Limit Texas Hold em

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional poker players demonstrate how to play poker, specifically Texas hold em.

    Rick Rahim:    Hi I am Rick Rahim,  Founder of the Executive Poker Tour. I am here today with Rhett Butler, professional poker player.  iIn 2006, Rhett  Rick played in the World Series Of of Poker. He bested over 8700 players, made it to the final table, ultimately finishing in fifth place on National Television.  For that event Rhett took home, 2.2 million dollars. Since that time, Rhett's  Rick played in many other poker tournaments,  one several cash and many many more and is really made himself, a name in the poker world.

    Rhett Butler:    Hi I am Rhett Butler and in  this series of videos,  we are going to teach you how to play the number one card game in America,  no limit texas hold-em. We will teach you how to play cash games, tournament games and just with your friends and family.  oOne thing, you want to remember about playing cash games or for your money is the best safe, play smart within your budget. Now I will turn it over to Rick.

    Rick Rahim:    Rhett,  Rick what we need to play poker, is a deck of card of course. Some chips, although a lot of people do play with just cash and no the poker chips and obviously  you need some opponents. So gather up a room full of friends or sometimes even a strangers. It's  as always fun taking money from strangers as well. Today what we will do is, we will talk about, how to play poker, how to learn the values of hands. We  wwill e teach you how to deal,  no limit hold-em from the Flop, to the turn,  to the river. We will talk about betting strategies,  who bets, position in betting and then ultimately Rhett, read as the celebrity expert will go in to  on things like advanced strategy such as bluffing, such as reading your opponent, check raising, betting and ultimately even knowing one to fold. default lLet us get started.