Play the Piano – The Performance

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional pianist Alex Wasserman demonstrates how to perform a song on the piano.

    Alex Wasserman

    Alexander Wasserman is a professional pianist and pedagogue whose performances include Suburban Symphony Orchestra, Cleveland, “Pianofest” , Peabody Institute, Los Angeles. He is on the faculty at the International School of Music (ISM) in Bethesda, where he teaches piano to all ages, levels, and styles. With a distinguished faculty of 55 teachers, ISM provides students with a rich music education experience. The ISM faculty’s friendly personalities, insightful approaches, and individually tailored teaching methods have helped students become complete and versatile musicians. ISM provides an atmosphere that is warm and supportive so every student can achieve his/her best.

    Alexander Wasserman: My name is Alex Wasserman and we are talking about piano basics. Now I would like to talk about performing. Performing piano music can be one of the most satisfying musical experiences. Piano music can be performed in a variety of different ways. It can be solo piano music with just a pianist playing by himself or herself on stage, we can have chamber music where a pianist will play with other instrumentalists usually, in a very small group, perhaps a Cello, a Violin and a Viola. The pianist can also play with a symphony orchestra as a soloist, that's a called a Concerto. In nay circumstance, playing the piano can be one of the most rewarding musical experiences and I would recommend that anyone that has the interest to try playing the piano, take some classes. Don't become discouraged if it doesn't sound exactly how you wanted it to right off the back. It takes time and practice, but with that time and practice, you will have cultivated a skill that is very special.