Playground Safety – Proper Supervision

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Heather Olsen, part of the team at the National Program for Playground Safety, discusses the basics of Playground supervision.

    Heather Olsen: Hi! Im Heather Olsen and Im part of the team at the National Program for Playground Safety. Today Im discussing the basics of Playground supervision.

    One of the major issues regarding playground injuries is the lack of appropriate adult supervision. It is important that adults are always on the playground when children are playing, and should take an active role in playground supervision. Well, on the playground parents should become supervisors and follow the ABCs of supervision.

    A is for Anticipation, supervisors need to anticipate preventable problems and hazardous situations, such as broken equipment, missing equipment or exposed glass. Also, supervisors need to check childrens clothing to make sure theyre not wearing anything that can cause strangulation. Supervisors should remove any drawstrings on childrens coats or sweatshirts and make sure theyre not wearing loose jewelry, scarves, bike helmets, or open-toed shoes.

    B is for Behavior, supervisors need to teach children the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behaviors on the playground. Children and adults should agree on basic behavior rules prior to children playing on equipment to avoid confrontation on the playground. It is important that parents verbally warn children about inappropriate behavior. Supervisors should always be moving about the play-area and instead of staying in one place, so they can keep an eye on the children and anticipate any inappropriate behavior. And C as for Context, supervisors who are responsible for a large number of children should be trained to know what to look for and when to intervene in childrens play. Supervisor should carry a Fanny Pack Safety Kit with them, so they can attend to injuries right away if need be. Basic materials of a fanny pack include a whistle to get attention, injury report forms, non-latex gloves, bandage, and trash bags for trash. Good supervision behaviors means, adults are alert and attentive and that children stay safe on the playground. Good luck and stay safe!