Playing Disc Golf at a Higher Level

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Frisbee expert Tom Schot demonstrates how to play disc golf at a higher level.


    ,""pD- $hFDDYjjj-j-jjjP)ye&vj-o0j;;j;jjDD`$Tom Schot: Hi, I am Tom Schot. I am CEO World Disc Sports, I am a member of Disc Golf Hall of Fame and I love this game of disc golf. I am going to show you how to play the game. And I am going to show you how to play at a higher level. Thing to remember when you are driving; this disc right here flies through, it has got the sharp edge, this is your drive. So it has got about three quarters of an inch depth. As it is going through the air, it has got no resistance. But you know what, you get on the tee pad and you see the basket 350 feet up there. So you will think, "Oh my God, how am I going to get there?

    " I am going to throw it as high as I can. I am going to way high. So when you release that disc, and you are throwing high, that disc is going up like that and that disc is going from here to here, you are pushing that much air. What it does? It just drives that disc up and dies. So to get your maximum amount of distance, you do not want to make that mistake by trying to throw it high, you want to throw it head high, straight at your target. Do not be going way high because, remember, this much air, you are going to be blocking, you want the disc to go this much air. It will go a lot further, a lot faster. You are going to be much more happy with your drive. You really want to improve, you need about ten discs. You go out to the field. You just find any soccer field you want and you just throw. Now if you can get somebody play catch with back and forth. You keep getting further and further apart, that is fine. But, when you go out, on the soccer field, you want to throw consistently, same shot over and over and over again. The same thing with putting, you want to be a good putter, you got to come to the putting baskets out here. You have got to practice, practice, practice. But, the more time you throw, and the more shots -- every time you throw that disc, you are going improve a little bit more. After 35 years of playing, I still go to the practice fields, I still go to the distance fields, I want to get my arm muscles in tune, I am throwing Power Shots. But when I am throwing Power Shots, I am throwing for accuracy power, I am just not trying to see how far I can throw. I want to see how accurate I can throw far. So I am looking at the goal post at the football field. I am trying to hit the right post from a 100 yards out that is where I focus at. When you go out there, take as many discs as you can. It does not matter you can be throwing your putters, your pro shots, your drivers, you can all throw those for power. You want to stretch your arm muscles out. You want to get consistent with your motion and your release.

    The next step in improving in the disc golf game is to get your head game straight. And that is the strategizing. That is like, I am not going to go for that one because I know that I am going to be in a bad position than I do. I am going to be smart. I am going to lay up on the shot. And I am going to get my par. When I was in a competition and playing in big tournaments and everything, it is the head game, all those comparatives were basically at the same skill level, just a little bit difference in the top pro.

    So one that takes the pros over the top, is his attitude on the game. He does not kick his back. He does not get upset with himself when he misses his shot. He stays within himself and he just plays the game and the key is, you do not play against the guys you are playing with, you play against the course you are playing on. You want to beat that course. That course is set up for a par, like a 54 or 58 or whatever it is. That is who you are playing. You are playing the course, not playing John Smith or Bill Jones. You are playing the course. And as long as you can stay within that aspect, you will do just fine.

    Now that we have worked on the middle aspect of the game, I am going to show you some exercises to improve your throwing skills.


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