Plumbing Basics – Identifying and Repairing a Phantom Flushing Toilet

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional handyman Raymond Binnix demonstrates how to identify and repair a phantom flushing toilet.

    Hello, I am Ray from Dads Handyman Services. Now that weve got the toilet unclogged, we are going to go over some other common problems that happen with toilets. The first thing you have to do is, take the lid off, and set it down carefully so you dont break it. Now, one of the common problems is that the toilet, well, youll hear at night usually, well, youll hear the toilet, the water come over and run for a minute, then it will stop. Thats called phantom flushing and thats because she need a new flapper. You can check whether the flapper is bad, usually by just reach it down and it will leave a residue, if it's over and it needs to be replaced. The other thing is, this thing here, is just your fluid control valve, goes bad and it just doesnt stop when it reaches this point it won't stop and the water will go over and go down this drain. When that happens, you have to replace that thing there; this is the fluid control valve.

    When you do that you turn off the water and you have to get all the water out of the tank. Then, go to your local Home Improvement Store and get another water control valve and a supply line. You need to change the supply line, because they are notorious for leaking when we use them. The first thing you have to do is, shut off the water, okay? Then you have to get all the water out of the tank, and you can start by flushing it, but it's going to leave a few inches in there, get a sponge or rag or something and sop up all the water out of the tank. Once thats done and you turn the water off, you reach underneath here and this big nut undoes the supply line and theres a big nut under that and that undoes the fluid control valve. If you dont really feel comfortable messing with your toilet, you can call your local handyman or a plumber and theyll be sure to come out. I hope you learned a lot today. And good plumbing.

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