Plumbing Basics – Installing Replacement Parts

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional handyman Raymond Binnix demonstrates how to install replacement parts.

    Hi, I am Ray from Dads Handyman Services, and what we are talking about is how to repair a drippy faucet, this one happens to be a delta. First thing we have to do is get this hot and cold little tap off of the Allen Screw then take your Allen Screws or Allen Wrenches and find out which one of them fits up, there we go, and first time. Undo the screw, this time we will be turning the screw to the left. There we go, and were going to unscrew this cover and pull out the ball, this little stem with a plastic thing, in order that all comes out in one piece. Okay, now to get that thing out of there, these are the little washers that control the water. When they wear out, then the water drips on, gets by and starts dripping. Use one of the Allen Wrenches, to sort of pry it out of place, getting this out, I am going to put the plug in the drain so I dont lose anything down the drain. These plastic containers that hold the parts are pretty hard to get into, so I use the utility knife for that, be careful. Okay, now its a little bit of trouble to get these things back in those place where they belong, there are two little holes in there, so what I am going to do is, first of all I am going to put the spring in place. Youll see the two little holes, and I got the spring easily in that one, and here goes the spring in the other one. You have these little rubber caps to go over the spring and it's a little bit difficult to show it you, I want to stick the Allen Wrench through it again and I ended up with my little hole in the spring and use my finger to push it back in the place. Now when you go to put the ball on, youll notice there is a little slot in the side of the ball here that catches on our little knob that sticks out over there, so you have to put that on the little knob, that slot of that little knob and it's fairly easy to get on there. Then you take this cap, it has a rubber gasket on the inside and put it over the top of the ball and push down, and when it pushes down evenly, then you have got everything in the right place and you take this cap and start screwing it on. You can pretty much tighten it down, almost as tight as it needs to be with your hands. Alright, now weve reassembled the faucet, were going to the next step, is to turn the water back on and put on the handle.