Plumbing Basics – Unclog and Maintain a Toilet Using an Auger

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional handyman Raymond Binnix demonstrates how to unclog and maintain a toilet using an augur.

    Hi, I am Ray from Dads Handyman Services. We are going to go over how to clean, get a clog out of a toilet. This is some of the tools that youre going to need. This is a toilet auger and this is my primary tool. When I need to clean a clog this is what I bring. I also bring a plunger and this is the plunger. I also, always use latex gloves, because we all know what's in the toilet. So, lets go ahead and get started cleaning that clog out. Start by putting this thing, this end over here down inside the hole, it's got a little rubber piece on it at the bottom, so you use that, that keeps to make a bunch of marks inside the toilet. Then you start turning this crank, and as you turn it, you kind of push on it at the same time. Then it reaches the point where it sort of stops. I guess thats where the clog is there, here we go. It has to go through a bend, and it depends where the clogs is at, how much trouble it's going to be. It must have made it through the bend; it's going down fairly easily. Now without pulling the auger out, I am going to go ahead and flush the toilet and see if weve had any success. Everything seems to be going down well. I am going to start trying to get the auger out of the toilet. When you take the auger out, you have to repeat the process, you have to turn the crank in reverse, instead of push, you pull, and it will back itself right on out, ever since slowly. You can tell I am using quite a bit of strength to get this thing out of here, here we go, we got it. The next step is, we are going to use the plunger to unclog the toilet.

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