Pole Dancing – Half Pint Pole Spin in Heels

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to do the half pint pole spin in heels.

    Lisa Peklo

    Lisa is the owner of DivaFit Pole Dancing Studio in Ashburn, VA. Lisa has a degree in Exercise Science from Virginia Tech and has worked in the fitness industry since 1991. Her background has included everything from managing health clubs to teaching fitness classes. Her most recent passion is pole dancing and in 2006 she opened DivaFit where she teaches both students and instructors in the art of pole dancing for fun and fitness. Lisa is also an ACE Certified Personal trainer and a YogaFit Level 2 Yoga Instructor.

    Lisa Peklo: Hi! I am Lisa Peklo with Diva Fit pole dancing studio in Ashburn, Virginia. I am going to show you how to do the Half Pint spin when pole dancing. The Half Spin is a backward spin and it's a little bit more difficult than some of the others. Simply to wrap your head around what to do when you are going backwards, once you get it though, you get it and it's a really beautiful spin. So, what you are going to be doing is you are going to be facing your pole and you are going to have your inside arm closest to the pole up.

    Your outside leg is going to step into the pole, as you do this, the back leg is going to start to come up and around and to tip myself backwards, I am going to look up towards my underarm and I am going to start to arch my back and this back leg is going to keep coming around. Now, as I do this watch the foot that's on the floor all by itself, it's going to wrap around the pole as I come back. Okay, now I didn't get very far, because I didn't walk into it. So, I had no momentum. Here is how it should look. Step across, let that back leg come up and you spin around. Beautiful, let's try that one more time. Arm up, step forward into the pole, take your back leg, start to come around and tip back into the pole. Make sure you are holding on tight with that upper arm. When you come down, you simply stand back up. Happy practicing your pole dancing!