Pole Dancing in Heels

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Expert pole dancing instructor Lisa Peklo teaches how to pole dance in heels.

    Lisa Peklo

    Lisa is the owner of DivaFit Pole Dancing Studio in Ashburn, VA. Lisa has a degree in Exercise Science from Virginia Tech and has worked in the fitness industry since 1991. Her background has included everything from managing health clubs to teaching fitness classes. Her most recent passion is pole dancing and in 2006 she opened DivaFit where she teaches both students and instructors in the art of pole dancing for fun and fitness. Lisa is also an ACE Certified Personal trainer and a YogaFit Level 2 Yoga Instructor.

    Lisa Peklo: Hi! I am Lisa Peklo with Diva Fit pole dancing studio in Ashburn, Virginia. I am going to talk to you a little bit about pole dancing in heels. There are some safety steps that you want to take. First of all, you want heels that are going to have a rubber bottom so that you are not slipping on whatever surface it is that you are working out on. Secondly, you don't want too much of a stiletto heel and I have to say that this particular shoe is a stiletto heel. Now, I have been dancing for a year and then so I feel fairly confident in them, but you can also buy dance heels that have a wider base at the bottom and if you are starting out, I would get a heel with a wider base. Lastly, you want an ankle strap, because the last thing you wanted your heels to go flying off in the middle of the spin. When you are starting your spins, I would learn the spins first without heels on. It adds a whole other dynamic to pole dance in your heels. In our studio, ladies have to wait six weeks before they can wear heels. So, they are learning their spins, they learn four basic spins before they are allowed to have their heels on when pole dancing. So, let me show you one of the basic spins, the fireman spins done with the heels on. You are going to notice that you have to really isolate through your legs and through your core and watch your landing. So, the fireman spin with the inside arm up and outside arm to the pole. I am going to walk into it, hook my leg and go. Now, on my landing I have to be real careful and up. It is going to add a lot more work, which is great. So when your dance move is around the pole, your side to side kick and everything else, you really need to isolate to control yourself so that you are not wobbling around. Looks really pretty though, so, happy practicing your pole dancing!