Pole Dancing – Showgirl Spin

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Expert pole dancing instructor Lisa Peklo teaches how to do the showgirl spin when pole dancing.

    Lisa Peklo

    Lisa is the owner of DivaFit Pole Dancing Studio in Ashburn, VA. Lisa has a degree in Exercise Science from Virginia Tech and has worked in the fitness industry since 1991. Her background has included everything from managing health clubs to teaching fitness classes. Her most recent passion is pole dancing and in 2006 she opened DivaFit where she teaches both students and instructors in the art of pole dancing for fun and fitness. Lisa is also an ACE Certified Personal trainer and a YogaFit Level 2 Yoga Instructor.

    Lisa Peklo: Hi! I am Lisa Peklo with Diva Fit pole dancing studio in Ashburn. I am going to show you how to do a Showgirl Spin when pole dancing. Please make sure you are warm before attempting this spin. This spin can be done with a safety precaution, so I am going to show it to you two ways. One, landing on your knees, and two, pulling out of the spin before you land on your knees. So, if you have some knee issues or you just don't like landing on your knees, stay tuned and I will show you both versions. The first version looks like this; this is where you land on your knees. So, let me break that down for you real quick. Your inside arm is up nice and high on the pole, you are going to take your inside leg closest to the pole and you are going to hook it behind the knee. You don't want to hook it too high, because this other knee needs to be at the same height when it comes up. So, a low hook, outside arm to the pole. Now here is key, you don't want to fall into the spin with your shoulder down, because you are just going to crash into the pole. So chest needs to stay up high with a little arch in your back and as I go around the pole, this outside leg is going to pick up and I am going to bend the knee.

    If I were to freeze my spin, it would look like this in mid air. Okay, this outside arm is helping to keep you pushed away from the pole, so here we go. We are just going to simply tip forward and pull up the leg with a gentle landing on the knees. You can walk into that spin, remembering to hook the inside leg as you go and pushing off with the outside leg. Okay, you can do a big stand up once you get to the bottom. Now, if you don't like to land on your knees, you simply pull out of the spin early by bringing both of your feet and placing them on the floor. It would look this. Alright, happy practicing your pole dancing!