Polish Car – Scratch Removal Clean-Up and Wax Replacement

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Automotive expert Mark Boudreau demonstrates how to polish a car, clean-up from the scratch removal, and replace the wax.

    Mark Boudreau: Hi, my name is Mark Boudreau. I am from Spectrum Auto Painting & Collision Center and today, I am showing you how to polish scuff marks and scratches out of your vehicle's finish. Right now, I am going to show you how to clean up the splatter we have from the car polishing process and apply the wax that we've removed during the cleaning process.

    Let's get started with the cleanup process. We use the micro-fiber rag, but clean, soft cotton t-shirt would be fine. We have got some splatter on the glass here and some remnants on the deck lid itself and that will just clean right off with the rag. Looks great; now, we are going to apply wax over the area that we have polished. Now, we've removed all this wax when we cleaned the car with the dishwashing soap so we are going to want to replace it to give that paint some protection and keep the vehicle clean. Wax is a bit like the karate kid; wax on wax off, circular motion, applied to the rag, like so; over the entire area that we have polished, let it dry for a minute and then using a clean portion of the rag, we polish off, again, circular motion.

    Flip the rag every once in a while and make sure we get any of those little wax remnants. Nobody like to see the white, pasty wax after a car is waxed and then we would repeat the same thing on the other side and that is how we by hand and with a machine buffer polish scuff marks and scratches out of your vehicle's finish.