Pool Basics – Mastering Draw Shots

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    World Trick Shot Champion Andy Segal demonstrates the basics of mastering the four kinds of pool draw shots.

    Andy Segal

    I have been playing pool since 1983. I started performing trick shots in college, back in the late 80's, but I have been competing in trick shot competitions since October of 2002. I was invited to ESPN's Trick Shot Magic for the first time in October of 2003, when a good friend of mine Bogdan Wolkowski from Poland dropped out at the last minute due to an arm injury. Once I started competing in the trick shot tournaments, I stopped playing 9-ball and never looked back.

    I have worked as the technical advisor of Sweet & Lowdown, a Woody Allen film starring Sean Penn. I have also filmed a couple of commercials, one for All Detergent and one for AT&T, both obviously involving pool and trick shots. I also did a 12 week segment for Spike TV called Bikini Pool Shark. I have also worked with Ewa Laurence and helped her prepare for the 2004 and 2005 Women's ESPN Trick Shot Magic tournament. Ewa's excellent talent, along with coaching from myself and Bruce Barthelette, helped her achieve a second place finish in 2004 and a win in 2005.

    In addition to pool, I am an amateur magician. I play Go once a week in a club near my house, and online a few times a week. I enjoy playing poker, both live and online. I am also in the computer business. I own and operate a website company Magic Man Web Services LLC, which currently hosts www.artisticpoolplayers.com.

    I am the reigning 2007 World Trick Shot champion.

    Andy Segal: Hi I am Andy Segal and today we are going to continue our video series with four Draw shots, like the Over And Under The Bridge shot, you just saw. We have a couple of others, one called the Banana shot, one called the Resistant draw shot. They are a lot of fun to do. Some of them are difficult but we will get it making them. Anyway what is a draw shot? A draw shot is by hit, you hit the cue ball underneath and what happens is it spin backwards after it hits an object ball, the cue ball then draw or come back towards you. Let me see if I can give you a little demonstration. I am going to shoot the cue ball past the three like this just to show you. Now we are using a cue ball, here this is an Aramith s spotted cue ball, so you can see the spin on the cue ball when I hit it. If hit the cue ball below center, it is going to push the bottom of the ball out it is going to spin backwards. Now eventually, the spin is going to run out and the cue ball is going to start to slide. If the cue ball slides out here like that, that means that it is still spinning backwards when it gets to the three, now in that case, it is going to roll back to me like that. Now, if we hit it a little softer, the cue ball slides right over here, like that. What that means is there is no spin on the cue ball at the point of contact so the cue ball will stop dead, like that and the last that can happen is if you hit the cue ball even lighter, the cue ball will slide over here and you notice that after it slides over there, when it starts rolling it actually now has Topspin on it, which means that the cue ball when it hits the three, it s spinning this way which means it is going to roll forward like that. So when you are backspin on the cue ball, it matters how far the cue ball is from the object ball that you are hitting, because if the backspin runs out too soon, it wont come back it will turn into Topspin and follow.

    Anyway, let us talk about the stuff you need for these shots. Well, obviously you need a pool table, ball, chalk and a cue stick. For tow of these shots we are going to need to use the prop, for the Over And Under The Bridge shot, you just saw, we use the bridge. The Resistant draw shots, we are going to use a rack, for the two shots, we will just use regular pool balls.

    Now for some of the shots, especially the Over And Under The Bridge shot, there is safety issue. When you are practicing that shot because the balls are jumping, the cue ball or an object ball could fly off the table, you do not want to have any little children near the table or any things near the table that can break. Once you start getting good at the shot, the chances of better happening go down.

    Anyway, a little bit about myself. I am known as the magic man in the world of the trick shot. I have been performing the trick shots on the ESPN for about three, four years. I have been working on movies, TV, commercials for few years and I also own and operate an amateur pool league, known as the American Poolplayers Associations out of Hudson County, New Jersey. So, if you ready let us get started with those draw shots.