Pool Debris Types

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Kevin Braidic, Product Manager at Zodiac Pool Systems, discusses the different types of pool debris you may encounter.

    Kevin Braidic: Hi! I am Kevin Braidic, Product Manager with Zodiac Pool Systems. We're talking about how to select an automatic pool cleaner. Now, we're going to talk about debris types, and how to select the right cleaner for each debris type. In front of me, I have three piles of debris; small, medium and large. We have small debris first. Small debris, which would be sand, light ground cover, gravel and so on, typically, probably found in the more arid areas of the country; the South West, Texas, even through Florida. That would be, what we would consider small debris. Next debris type would be medium debris. Generally, it would be again light ground cover, berries, acorns, maybe larger pebbles, really very general type of debris that would be found really anywhere in the country. Next would be the large debris type; large leafy foliage, larger seedlings, heavier ground cover, even large pebbles and stones possibly. Large insects primarily found in large forested areas, maybe the North East, the North West, and the significant part of the South. Now, we're going to talk about the different types of pool cleaners available to suit the debris that we've discussed. Firstly, I'll start with small to medium debris. And if your pool has a dedicated cleaner line, that's plumbed on the suction side, then the suction type of cleaner is the best solution. Remember to always use an approved back-lock fitting when installing a suction cleaner into a dedicated cleaner line to prevent entrapment. If your pool does not have a dedicated cleaner line, there are two options available. The suction cleaner installed into the skimmer, or the robotic cleaner installed over the deck. Next is our medium to large debris type. First, let's determine, if you have a dedicated cleaner line. If you do, a pressure cleaner is the best solution. Let's plug and play. If you do not have a dedicated cleaner line plumbed pressure, you have two options. One is to install a pressure cleaner on a return line. Your second option is to run the robotic cleaner over the deck. I hope these tips have proved helpful in selecting the right automatic pool cleaner for you. Thank you for watching.