Pool Trick Shots with Partners – Lightning and Thunder

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Pool Experts Bruce Barthelette and Andy Segal demonstrates the pool trick shot, the lightning and thunder.

    Andy Segal: Hi! I am Andy Segal.

    Bruce Barthelette: And I am Bruce Barthelette. And we are here to do trick shots with partners. Andy Segal: Now we are going to show you the Lightning and Thunder shot. This is the shot we came up with in the 2006 World Cup of Trick Shots. I do the lightning part. I am going to shoot the cue ball three cushions around the table. While that's happening, I am going to shoot the 1 through 5 quickly into the side pocket. Then I will rehit the moving cue ball, three cushions, shoot the 6 through 11 in the side pocket and then I will rehit the moving cue ball a third time around to Bruce and he is going to do the thunder part where he jumps the moving cue ball over the stick into the large 8 ball pillow making the small 8 in the corner pocket.

    Bruce Barthelette: The setup on this shots is pretty simple. You have 10 balls. You have 5 balls here up against the rail and in other row in front of it. You have a cue stick, first time it pass the side pocket, but your cue ball we'll be jumping over. In the pocket area, you have a regular 8 ball and you have a pillowed 8 ball. So, basically what's happens is a cue ball will jump over, the cue stick will hit the pillow and pocket the 8 ball in the corner pocket. Andy Segal: Now again keep in mind that this trick shot is more for the advanced player. The beginners may just have a little fun with it, try it, try a little piece of it. The key to this shot is learning it in pieces. The first thing that I would recommend is just trying to get this part down where you shoot the cue ball around the table, the moving cue ball and just keep hitting it and hitting it. When you get good at that then you can add in shooting these balls into the side pocket. The key to the jump side is first start with a stationary cue ball, practice jumping this distance over the stick into the large pillow or a jacket or anything that's down there. When you get good at jumping a stationary cue ball, then try with a moving cue ball and finally when both people have the pieces down, you can put it altogether. Let's do it. Bruce Barthelette: Okay.

    Andy Segal: And that's the Lightning and Thunder shot. Next is Spinning Rack shot.