Pool Trick Shots with Partners – Machine Gun Masse Race

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Pool Experts Bruce Barthelette and Andy Segal demonstrates the pool trick shot, the machine gun masse race.

    Andy Segal: Hi! I am Andy Segal.

    Bruce Barthelette: And I am Bruce Barthelette. Today, we are going to do trick shots with partners. Andy Segal: Now we are going to show you the Machine Gun Race Masse shot. Both Bruce and I have the same shot set up called the Machine Gun Masse. We are going to shoot down on the cue ball, the cue ball will spin, hit every single ball in line and finally make the two 8 balls. Bruce Barthelette: The way the shot is setup is simply of a row of 11 balls that are spaced one ball out from the rail and then you have three balls here resting up against the cue ball. We shoot down the cue ball, the force of these three balls here will help propel it backwards to packet the 8 ball.

    Andy Segal: Now again this is a Masse shot, more for the advance players. If you are just starting out, just have fun with this shot, try it a few times, you may not get it right away. The key to this shot when you are shooting a Masse shot is keeping your bridge hand steady.

    Now there are two ways to solve that problem. The first, is to push your bridge hand against your body, hold it there tightly and that will act as a wedge and will keep your hand very steady. The other way as Bruce is demonstrating is to put your leg up on the table and put your bridge hand on your leg keeping it nice and steady. Whichever way works to you that's the way you should try. So let's do it. Bruce Barthelette: Let's do it.

    Andy Segal: Ready 1, 2 hit. And that's the Machine Gun Race Masse shot. Next the Lightning and Thunder shot.