Pool Trick Shots with Partners – The Weave

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Pool Experts Bruce Barthelette and Andy Segal demonstrate the pool trick shot, the weave.

    Andy Segal: Hi! I am Andy Segal.

    Bruce Barthelette: And I am Bruce Barthelette. Now we are showing you trick shots with partners. Andy Segal: Now this shot is called the Weave shot. Bruce and I came up with this in the 2006 World Cup of Trick Shots in Mohegan Sun. This shot is simple. We have the balls lined up down at the center of the table, and we are going to shoot the key balls through the gaps, while it's moving back and forth at each other, and I'll finally make the 8 in the corner pocket.

    Bruce Barthelette: The way to set this shot up as Andy said, right down at the center of the table, and there is a four ball gap between each of the balls, and then you put one ball, the 8-ball in front of the pocket. The Cue ball, you can line it up even with the one.

    Andy Segal: Now the trick to this shot is where to aim, because you are hitting a moving cue ball you have the cue ball's momentum pushing in one direction when you are trying to hit in another. So for example, when Bruce hits the Cue ball to me through here, if I aim at the gap, what's going to happen is some of the momentum of the cue ball is going to cause this line of aim to shift and I actually hit the four. So what I really want to do, is as the Cue ball is coming through, is I want to aim at the edge of the three ball, so then when the momentum of the Cue ball shifts my line of aim, it actually goes through the gap. Similarly, when I hit the Cue ball to Bruce, he wants to aim at the edge of the two. Let's go it.

    Bruce Barthelette: Okay. Andy Segal: And that's the Weave shot. Next the Machine Gun Masse Race.