Poor Taylor…

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    A source reveals to Radaronline.com that Jake Gyllenhaal took Taylor Swift’s virginity and then was a no-show on her 21st birthday, leaving her heartbroken and crying in the bathroom all night.

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    Well, they say heartbreak makes for the some of the best artistic work.  Taylor Swift would know.


    Taylor apparently lost her virginity to Jake Gyllenhaal who then bailed on her  21st birthday, leaving her locked in the bathroom all night crying.  Yes, Radaronline.com is reporting that the country singer who was saving herself for marriage was so smitten with the actor that after just 3 months after dating, he convinced her to go all the way.  An insider told the site, she thought she was going to marry Jake—that’s how in love she was with him.  However, things went south when he was a no show for her birthday bash, with the source saying, “The day before all was set, he was coming.  No issues.  But the day of, she doesn’t hear from him at all—no texts, no calls.”  Taylor thought maybe he was planning some sort of surprise.  Nope.  He didn’t show up.  And she locked herself in a bathroom and cried the entire night.  Apparently, the break-up was the inspiration for every word of her album “Red.”  Now 24-years-old, Swift is apparently still stuck on Jake and the relationship has left her damaged goods.


    Shame on you Jake Gyllenhaal.


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