Pop Social – Bieber’s Getting Buff!

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    10-25-13: On this episode of Pop Social, Justin Bieber shows off his new muscle tone on Instagram, Farrah Abraham takes a break from motherhood, and a celebrity Twitter spat heats up.

    Beiber’s Beefing Up…

    Kim Stands By Her Man…

    And who probably isn’t getting the Mom of the year award…

    Hey PopSocialites. I’m Emerald Robinson for PopSocial News..

    Justin Bieber’s Gotten Insta-buff! It looks like the Beeb’s has been pumping some serious iron. These singer has been working hard on his training regime and clearly wanted to show off the results, as he went shirtless in an Instagram selfie. The nineteen year old flexed some impressive biceps and a toned six-pack as he wore a baseball cap and low-slung shorts. The baby hit-maker captioned the snap, "me and my trainer," and seemed pleased to point towards the man who's been transforming his body.  Justin is currently on tour in Asia, but has clearly been making time to keep up his exercise sessions.  Selena Gomez's ex has previous said that he's been working out in the gym to try and get sexy for the ladies.  And we imagine this snap will have sent his beliebers crazy.  Almost makes me a Belieber.. geez…

    And winner for best supporting role goes to….. Kim Kardashian.

    She may be used to stealing the spotlight, but Kim Kardashian was stepping out in a supporting role.  The reality star was spotted pushing her daughter, North, in her stroller as she arrived at the Jimmy Kimmel Live studios ahead of her boyfriend Kanye West's appearance on the show.  And we can't blame her for arriving separately.  The rapper definitely had his best game-face on as he prepared to meet the talk show host for the first time since their Twitter spat.  Escorted into the building by security, the 36-year-old heartless hit-maker looked like he meant business as he arrived dressed in ripped jeans and a white t-shirt.  Meanwhile the 32-year-old was looking stylish in a long,checked coat, blue dress, and tan leather boots.  After the television appearance, the couple dined out at Hakkasan restaurant in Beverly Hills. And Kim proved she's one hands-on mom, as she put her daughter into the cab. Judging by the smile on Kanye's face as they got into their car, the night had gone well.  

    And Mom of the year award definitely isn’t going to.. Former Teen Mom star turned porn star Farrah Abraham has been pretty busy appearing at fine establishments like the Crazy Horse III strip club in Vegas.  Since releasing her sex tape, she has spent a lot of time away from her 4-year-old daughter Sophia, so she must really miss the mother-daughter time. Or not.  Farrah tells InTouch Magazine that she believes it’s healthy to have a break from her child because, "she has her own life and is doing her own thing and I'm doing mine."  Some might argue that moms are usually pretty involved with the life of their 4-year-old, not parading around strip clubs promoting a career in porn and creating a line of sex toys.  Farrah may still be on the grind because it was reported she earned a lot less for her porno than the million dollars originally believed.  But Farrah insists those who believe she only made ten thousand dollars for the tape are idiots because she lives in a mansion and drives a luxury vehicle. We just hope Farrah invites her daughter over some time.   Unless her daughter is far too busy with her playground friends to visit. 

    And here’s your social second-- Sinead O’Connor and Miley Cyrus have been battling it out on Twitter but Miley reached out to Sinead “suggesting they meet up and talk.”  Nice right?  But that was only after she had tweeted that “she didn’t have time to write an open letter because she’s performing and hosting SNL this week.” Ouch!

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