Pop Social – Gaga Goes Galactic

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    11-8-13: On this episode of Pop Social, Lady Gaga trains to sing in space, why Australia is not happy with Katy Perry, and Tom Cruise files a $50 million lawsuit.

    Lady Gaga’s Going Galactic…

    What kind of seeds is Katy spreading?

    And stars fight back!

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     Well, we had already suspected this performer was a space cadet….It's one small step for Lady Gaga, one giant step for the music industry.  Gaga will reportedly take a trip on a Virgin Galactic ship on 2015 and will perform a single track that will air at the Zero-Gravity Colony Tech Festival in New Mexico.  Apparently she has to do a month of vocal training to adjust to the atmosphere. We’re not sure if the performance will spark an alien invasion.  But depending on what she decides to wear she probably looks more like the extraterrestrials anyway.  Once your career blast off we guess you have to go to space!

    Not to be outdone, Katy Perry planting some bad seeds with her music.  Katy Perry may have roared her way to the top of the Billboard charts with her new Prism album but there are some folks in Australia who are roaring mad.  The first 300,00 copies of Perry’s deluxe edition of the album comes with seeds that fans are instructed to plant as a way to save light and the singer claims that the seeds are specific to each region and each was sourced locally but Australia’s Department of Agriculture says that seeds inside the album’s local edition were sourced from western Australia and could host a plant pathogen of biosecurity concern.  We’re guessing this isn’t the kind of light she was hoping to spread. 

     And Tom isn’t going to take tabloids spreading rumors about his parenting…According to reports, the superstar just filed a $50 million dollar lawsuit against the publisher of Life & Style and InTouch Magazines for publishing cover stories claiming that he abandoned Suri after divorcing Katie Holmes back in 2012.  In the lawsuit, the Rock of Ages star fires back saying that he has not physically, emotionally, or financially cut Suri out of his life.  He adds that in the months following the divorce, even in the time that he was working over seas and was not able to see Suri in person, they continued to be extremely close. 

    And J-LO isn’t having it either in today’s Social Second!  In response to a London-based facial, plastic and laser surgeons tweet suggested that’s she’s undergone operations to keep her youthful appearance, J-LO tweeted “Sorry sir but I’ve never had plastic surgery of any kind. #FACT.” Hastage- #yougogirl!

     But Jada-Will split rumors are looking more like reality…Reports last week stated the couple are on a trial separation although their representatives declined to comment.  However, at a recent red carpet event, Jada looked gorgeous as she smiled for the cameras but she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring. Will might be moving on too.  Star magazine published photos of the actor and his co-star posing in a photo booth.  His co-star in the movie Focus is 23-year-old Margo Robby and the two are looking pretty flirty in the pictures..  Will can be seen wrapping his arms around the blonde beauty.  And Margo even flashes her bra in another photo. Hmm… definitely makes you wonder.

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