Pop Social – Hollywood Mourns Hoffman

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    2-7-14: On this episode of Pop Social, Hollywood mourns the death of legendary actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ke$ha extends her rehab treatment, and Kylie Jenner unexpectedly visits the ER.

    Hollywood Mourns the death of a great talent…


    Who’s extending their stay in rehab?


    And who went to rehab and we didn’t even know about it?


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    Hello and welcome to your PopSocial Weekly Wrap-up.  I’m Emerald Robinson.


    Well, the biggest news of the week in undoubtedly the shocking death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  


    After the tragic news that the actor was found dead in his New York City apartment from an apparent drug overdose, tributes have been pouring in from his colleagues and friends. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, George Clooney mourned there are “no words, it’s just terrible.”  Taking to Twitter, Channing Tatum wrote “the creative community has lost a true acting genius."  Elijah Wood also expressed his condolences and said that “he was heartbroken and shocked by the loss.”  The actor was currently filming the latest installment of The Hunger Games.  The film’s director, producers, and actress Jennifer Lawrence released a statement saying “words cannot convey the devastating loss we are all feeling right now.”


    But one of the biggest questions following the actors death is “what will happen with The Hunger Games?”


    Well according to sources, Hoffman had finished the majority of filming for his role and only had seven days left for Mocking Jay Part II.  CBS News is saying that they believe the release dates for both upcoming won’t be affected. 


    While we mourn the loss of one star, another is making her health a priority by extending her stay in rehab.


    Pop singer Ke$ha is currently seeking treatment at a rehab facility for an eating disorder and voluntarily checked herself in on January 3rd.  She told fans that she would be seeking treatment for 30 days to, in her own words, learn to love herself again.   During her stay she was said to be doing well and making progress but since the 30 days are now up it seems Ke$ha has decided to prolong her stay.  She said in a statement that she would be following her doctor’s advice and staying longer in rehab to get her health back on track.  


    And Ke$ha's not the only star concentrating on her well-being…


    Remember when Selena Gomez cancelled the Australian leg of her tour saying she needed to spend more time with herself?  Well she took that very seriously because People is reporting that she too checked herself into rehab.  According to reports, Selena checked herself into an Arizona facility called the Meadows.  She took part in a program called Dawn specifically for young people.  But a member of Selena’s team said she was not there for substance abuse.  In a statement back in December, Selena said that she was putting her work first and needed to spend some time on herself to be the best person she could be. 


    And one starlet checked into the hospital this week for a rather unexpected injury in today’s Social Second.  Khloe Kardashian proves its all fun and games until someone gets hurt.  Apparently the reality star took out lil’ sis Kylie on the trampoline. Kylie posted this pic of herself in the ER following the accident saying “this means war Khloe.”


    Uh-oh better watch your back, Big sis!  



    And that’s your weekly PopSocial Wrap-Up.  See you next week with more pop culture and social media news.