Pop Social – Katy & John’s Hot & Cold Relationship

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    2-28-14: On this episode of Pop Social, Katy Perry & John Mayer split up again, Jenna Fischer is pregnant, and Brooke Burke-Charvet gets the boot from Dancing with the Stars.

    Some celebrity couples are calling it quits…


    Jenna Fischer has some big news on Twitter…


    And celebs are getting decked out for the Oscars on Sunday…Coming up on Pop Social!


    Hello guys.  Emerald here with your PopSocal News Weekly Wrap-Up.


    John and Katy why are you doing this to us?


    Apparently she split up with Jon Mayer.  Wait!  What?  They were just rumored to be engaged.  According to E News, the couple has called it quits for the second time and has only been seen solo lately aside from recent rumors of Katy rocking a giant diamond engagement ring. 


    And they’re not the only celeb couple calling it quits in another shocking split this week.


    Robin Thicke and Paula Patton have announced their separating.  Paula said in a statement to People, we will always love each and be best friends however we have mutually decided to separate at this time. The pair have been married since 2005 and had a son, Julien, in 2010. The couple worked through tough times when Robin was accused of cheating on Paula.  First, there was a photo of what looked to be Robin grabbing a fans backside and then he was seen at a nightclub getting close to another woman. 


    And there was another split this week but not of the romantic kind.


    It didn't take long to find a replacement for Brooke Burke-Charvet after being fired from Dancing with the Stars. The cohost announced via Twitter that she was given her marching orders saying, "Weird day. shocking pre-season elimination at Dancing with the Stars…me!" Well apparently ABC didn't wait around finding her replacement, as Us Weekly reports that Erin Andrews is now to star as Tom Bergeron's cohost, stating, "The paperwork is being finalized, but it's happening."  of shocking eliminations in the ballroom, but this one takes the cake."  The show has already replaced its female hosts twice, so Andrews better watch her back…


    Guess it’s the cool thing to announce your pregnancy on Twitter if you’re a celeb in today’s Social Second.  Jenna confirmed pregnancy rumors via Twitter saying “Jenna Fischer Pregnant.  Expecting Second Child with Husband Lee Kirk."  Congrats Jenna!


    And it’s officially Oscar time!  And we’re curious about what the stars plan to wear on the red carpet.


    After taking a tumble before accepting her Oscar last year, Jennifer Lawrence joked that she wished her dress were more “stair friendly.”  And considering she’s nominated again this year, we’re guessing she’ll pick a dress that’s a little easier to walk in.  Kellan Lutz on the other hand is choosing something more green but not he color, he’ll be wearing the first sustainable tux designed by an eco-friendly fashion campaign.  Oscar-nominee Lupita Nyong’o kept her lips sealed when asked what she’ll be wearing but she did give a hint saying she loved color and things that put a smile on her face.  Jared Leto however, well, here’s the thing according to his recent interview with Esquire, he hasn’t’ really thought about it yet. 


    I don't know about you but I can't wait till Sunday!


    And that’s your week in pop culture and social media news.  Catch you next week for another PopSocial News Wrap-Up.