Pop Social – Lady Gaga’s Full Exposure

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    11-01-13: On this episode of Pop Social, Lady Gaga shows off during a stage performance, Chris Brown checks into rehab, and Kanye takes over the planning for his wedding.

    Gaga’s really sharing…

    Chris Brown checks into rehab…

    And Party Girls unite! Coming up on PopSocial! 

    Hey Pop Socialites. I’m Emerald Robinson for Pop Social News.  We're bringing you this week's mix of what's hot in pop culture and social media.

    Here’s a celeb that’s really baring it all for her fans. No one can say Lady Gaga isn’t giving fans full exposure.  Seriously! That was a full frontal nude flash while performing in London ladies and gentlemen. And if that wasn’t shocking enough here’s the backside of her.  But seriously Lady Gaga is just promoting her upcoming album art pop and let’s just say this is all art to her.

    But we’re not so certain Katy Perry considers that art…During an interview with NPR, the singer criticized other acts saying everybody’s getting naked and they should just put it away.  While she didn’t say any names, it’s widely speculated that she’s talking about Miley Cyrus, Rhianna and Lady Gaga. Perry did admit that she’s worn her fair share of skimpy outfits in the past but doesn’t feel that she has to get naked to be noticed—even though it feels like that’s exactly what she’s doing!

    Today’s Social Second comes from Chris Brown and his love:  Chris Brown has voluntarily checked into rehab.  The singer had earlier posted a cryptic tweet on Twitter, writing "In order to go where you have never gone, you have to be willing to go where you've never been."  According to TMZ, the Don't Judge Me hit maker will be seeking anger management counseling, and was reportedly taken to the facility by his lawyer, mother, and girlfriend Karrueche Tran.  Karrueche has shown her support for her man posting an Instagram shot of the pair kissing with the caption, "always and forever."

    And this guy might have found the answer to his anger management issues—wedding planning.  Is Kanye West turning into groom-zilla? You might expect Kim Kardashian to be the one pining over the details for her upcoming wedding but, remember, she's marrying Kanye. So far he apparently wants the wedding in Paris and he wants the I Dos to be accompanied with a demonstration from fighter jets. Interestingly, Radar also reports that Kanye will want to see sketches of Kim's wedding dress because he considers himself a fashion expert and wants her to look her best.  We know where Kanye can see some footage of Kim's last wedding dress.

    And talk about a pair that is probably all wrong for each other…When we say reckless partier who comes to mind? Lindsay Lohan…Miley Cyrus? Both were spotted at One Oak Night Club in New York City. Sources say they were chatting and having fun until they eventually left together out the back door to avoid photographers.  So now the question is who is the bad influence on who? Was Miley tempting Lindsey back into drinking or was Lindsay enticing the under-ager to drink alcohol?

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