Pop Social – Prince William Is Hitting The Books

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    1-2-14: On this episode of Pop Social, Prince William is heading to Cambridge, Tim Tebow is going to work for ESPN and Kaley Cuoco tied the knot on New Year’s Eve.

    Who's going back to school?


    What's Tim Tebow's new gig?


    Who just tied the knot?


    And what is Shia LeBouf apologizing for…Coming up today on Pop Social.


    Hello and welcome to PopSocial News.  I’m Emerald Robinson. Here's your weekly wrap up:


    With the new year came many celebrity announcements for 2014.


    Prince William announced he will be hitting the books this year.


    The Duke of Cambridge will be going back to college.  He’ll be the newest student at Cambridge University, where he’ll be studying agriculture management full time.  The program will quote “help provide the Duke with contemporary issues with agriculture business in rural communities in the United Kingdom.  Prince George’s Dad will reportedly have around 20 hours of lectures each week.  And he’ll even have a dorm room available if he even needs to stay the night--although with his own palace a dorm room might pale in comparison.


    Kelly Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting are starting 2014 off with a “big bang” in today’s Social Second.  The pair wed in a New Year’s Eve ceremony.  The bride shared a shot of the couple’s first dance, writing last night I married my sweetheart….life couldn’t be sweeter.”  Isn’t that so sweet?


    Beyonce also started the year off with a bang dropping her secret visual album without warning.


    She might have shocked the world when she released her new album without warming but the singer had actually been hard at work for months.  Speaking in a YouTube video, titled Par 3 Run and Gun, the 32-year-old revealed that she had 80 new songs to choose from.  The mother of one recorded the songs a year ago before her Mrs. Carter world tour. 


    And the new year offers a new football opportunity for Tim Tebow, although, not on the field.


    The former pro QB and Heisman trophy winner will be joining ESPN as a college football analyst for the SEC conference.  Tebow reportedly released a statement saying that he is so excited that ESPN has given him this incredible opportunity.  When he was 6 years old he fell in love with the game of football and while he continues to pursue his dream of playing quarterback in the NFL, this is an amazing opportunity to be part of the unparalled passion of  college football in the SEC. 


    And what better time than the beginning of a new year to make amends and Shia LeBouf is taking his apology to new heights!


    no seriously, he’s saying sorry in the sky.  The actor reportedly hired a skywriting company to spell out “I’m sorry Daniel Klaus” over the city of Los Angeles.  As if the barrage of apologies over Twitter wasn’t enough, LeBouf is really hoping everybody gets the message.  He’s backed in a corner after releasing a 12 minute short film but quickly pulled it after the Internet recognized the subject matter was identical to one of Klaus’ graphic novels.  And the actor knew it but forgot to credit the cartoonist.


    Despite using a plane, we’re not sure if this “sorry” is going to land.



    And that’s your weekly wrap-up of pop culture and social media news.