Pop Social – Single and Ready to Mingle!

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    11-15-13: On this episode of Pop Social, Liam Hemsworth announced he’s single, Bradley Cooper travels back to PA for his high school reunion, and Charlie Sheen’s making amends with Chuck Lorre.

    Emerald Robinson: What hottie is still up for grabs?

    Here's one hunky high school reunion.




    And from #winning to #i'msorry?

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    What's up PopSocialites? It's pretty much hunk day here on PopSocial.

    Ladies line up.


    . there's one hot bachelor still on the market. Liam Hemsworth has confirmed he's single! The actor had been linked to Mexican star Eliza Gonzalez following his split from former fianc Miley Cyrus. But the 23 year old reportedly revealed to Extra that he doesn't have a lady at the moment. Form an orderly queue ladies!

    And if this next hot hunk had been in my class, I might actually have went to my high school reunion. Most people cringe at the thought of going to their high school reunion, but it looks like Bradley Cooper has a lot of school pride. The famous actor graduated from high school 20 years ago and there was a class reunion coming up. So he thought why not drop by? Bradley flew all the way back to Ft. Washington, PA, where he went to high school to catch up with some old friends and teachers he used to have classes with. The next day he even stuck around to cheer on the high school football team. What a nice guy!

    And even Charlie Sheen's playing nice in today's Social Second. Sheen tweeted to former boss Chuck Lorre- "Hey Chuck, I have an idea that you need to hear after I make amends to you and yours which I will do in person.

    " I guess all that anger management is working.

    And another star might benefit from some anger management as well. Alec Baldwin was in no mood for chatting outside this New York City courthouse. Apparently, it wasn't an easy day in the courtroom as Alec described this woman's stalking behavior as a nightmare.

    Male Speaker: So you are not a stark.

    Female Speaker: No, I am not a stalk here.

    Emerald Robinson: But one thing's for sure if you get in Alec's way when he's in a bad mood nothing good comes of it.

    Alec Baldwin: Good job that you want to do did you fail about that you are doing this job.

    Male Speaker: Really, acting.

    Alec Baldwin: Whatever.

    Emerald Robinson: So it reminds us of another time he lost his cool.

    Male Speaker: Little girl.

    Emerald Robinson: And what's better than one hot guy? When hot guy has hot brothers and a restaurant? Looks like Mark Wahlberg might be hungry for some reality television because the burger joint he shares with the brothers Donnie and Paul-Wahlburgers-will reportedly get its own TV series. Donnie and the team have reportedly signed with A&E to create a reality show that will follow what happens as they manage their burger chain. According to Film Drunk, it will mostly follow executive chef Paul Wahlberg and the Hollywood Reporter claims the restaurant is also a place where the famous family's friends and relatives all congregate. Now they'll be grilling up some serious reality TV entertainment. Do I need a reservation?

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