Pop Social – Winslet’s Little RockandRoller

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    12-13-13: On this episode of Pop Social, Kate Winslet welcomes a new baby boy, J-Lo wants her maiden name back, and Demi Moore is selling back her engagement ring from Ashton Kutcher.

    Another trophy for an Oscar winner…


    Who wants their name back?


    And who's cashing in?


    Hi, I’m Emerald Robinson with you weekly PopSocial wrap-up!


    Well, three must be a charm in love and babies for Kate Winslett….


    Kate Winslet has become a mom for the 3rd time.         The actress and her husband Ned Rockandroll have welcomed a bouncing baby boy into their family.   The new addition weighted in at 9 pounds and the proud parents are yet to reveal his name. For now he is known as Baby Boy Winslet suggesting that he may take his mother’s surname.  Congratulations on your little rock-and-roll. 


    Speaking of names, J-LO wants her’s back!


    J-Los legal name is Jennifer Muniz, which is Marc Anthony’s real last name and according to TMZ J-Lo is looking to legally change her name back in her divorce petitions.   Still marc and J-lo separated in 2011, filed for divorce in 2012, and still haven’t gone through with the finalization.  So what’s taking so long?  We’re not sure but she’d probably rather perform in concert rather than a courtroom and she’s pretty comfy with Casper. 


    And let’s be honest, no one’s really been calling her “Muniz from the block.”


    Paul Walker’s family is still coping with the cause of death as they lay him to rest. 


    The family believes that plastic reflective markers on the street could have caused the fiery fatal accident.  According to TMZ, the family believes that plastic markers on the road, a.k.a. but dots could have caused the Porche Carrera GT to hydroplane out of control and apparently stunt men and experts agree this is a solid theory.  The vehicle that killed walker was also reportedly fitted with special racing tires with little to no traction that could have escalated the situation. 


    Can you “make out” who this couple is in today’s… Social Second?  They can sure can.  That’s Ash and Mila sharing a kiss under a neon light via Kutcher’s Twitter with the caption “sunset.” 


    And Demi’s moving on too—cashing in that old bling for some cha’ching!


    Demi has found another way to say goodbye--by reportedly selling the engagement ring Ashton gave her.  There are reports that Demi has sold the $250,000 engagement ring to a high-end Beverly Hills jeweler. And whether it’s out of spite or just to move on from a relationship, she sure raked in a lot of cash for this one.   Since she entered rehab following their initial split, friends of Demi say she doesn’t want to go back to that dark place and is getting rid of everything that reminds her of Ashton and some extra cash for her old engagement ring certainly isn’t a bad thing!



    Out with the old and in with the new!


    And that’s what’s happening this week in pop culture and social media news.