Popular and Long Term Playable Toys – Part 1

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Amy Carney Bevins, writer for FAMILY magazine, discusses some of the Award Winning Toys with long term play ability.

    Amy Carney Bevins: Hi! I am Amy Carney Bevins. I am a Writer and Educator and I am also a Mom. Today, we are talking about Award Winning Toys with long term play ability. Toys that they are going to play with longer than a box in which they come and that won't be collecting dust on the shelf. Each year you have hundreds of toys, looking for toys that has special qualities in terms of education, play value, creativity, things that kids are really going to enjoy and play with for the long term. This list is published in magazines like Washington Family.

    Today, I am going to share with you a few of my favorites, toys that really stood out among their peers. The first thing we are going to talk about is Zoobie. So let's get started.

    Zoobies are the cuddliest, snuggliest, three in one companion for your children whether they are baby all the way up to adult kids. They have won over 27 awards for product innovation and excellence, and are soft and snugly for your child to enjoy.

    Simply open the Velcro Tabs in their tummy, and they fold into a perfect travel pillow or a nap time companion and then unzip the zipper and you will be able to unfold a child size blanket that they can cuddle up with and enjoy.

    Zoobies come in three different sizes from the baby zoobie to the regular zoobie all the way up to the body hugging giant jumbo zoobie. Zoobies are something your children can enjoy for years to come and absolutely the cuddliest snuggliest friend they can have.

    Boochie is a hilarious indoor outdoor game for the entire family. Like Boochie the goal is to be closest to the twelve-sided thumb target toss out by the first player. The boochie twist comes in how you reach that goal. Toss between your legs backwards with your eyes closed and more laugh out loud ways. Special wrist trackers keep score and give players that outrageous challenges. Boochie will have their whole family on their feet having laugh out loud fun.

    With all of the money children get over the holidays, now it's the perfect time to teach them about saving and spending. With Cash Cash, you can teach your children to learn about the value of the dollar and what it means to save and give back to others. This team friendly pocketed, zipper pouch has a pavlot(ph) to keep their investment safe and inside it has zipper pouches for savings, spending, investing and donating.

    It also comes with a handbook that teaches children about money basics including finances, paying taxes, credit cards, all different things that they need to know as they become more savvy about finances. As well, for younger children, the money savvy pig gets younger children involved with saving and spending as well. Cash Cash makes a great opportunity to teach your kids about finances this holiday season.

    Try about Romsay's(ph) world protects against intruders, wakes you up, tells jokes and it's the next generation of robotic companion. From his animated eyebrows, popped up head and sense of humor to its omni-directional movement, motion sensing controller and built-in games, try about as more than just another robot control mechanical toy. Whether he is racing around the room, sounding the alarm to get the kids out of the bed or following a sequence of movements programmed by you. Try about, it will engage and involve you in robotic fun.

    Think outside the box. With Uberstix, you can make incredible creations with the included pieces. But, with this unique building set, you can also incorporate things like legos, zoobes and connects to make even more incredible creations. You can build things like catapults, bats, sailboats.

    This toy is also unique because it encourages up-cycling, meaning that you can take objects that you find or that you have around the house and incorporate that into your building structures. For example, in this sailboat kit, you use a water bottle for the flotation device. In other kits, you would use straws or popsicle sticks, whether you make preformed creations, build a building tall, living yourself, or an echo builder using re-cycle products, Uberstix are a wonderful creative building set that you and your family can enjoy together.

    That was our first side. In our next segment, we are going to talk about five more great toys for family fun this holiday season.

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