Post-Natal Exercises

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert Michele Warsa demonstrates post-natal exercises.

    Michele Warsa: Hi, I am Michele Warsa owner of Fit Intuition (Ph) and Body On Purpose, and today I am going to be showing you how to lose weight after pregnancy. Now in this next segment, we are going to be looking at strengthening the upper body as well as toning the core and even working a little bit on the pelvis area.

    So Amy let's go ahead and position your hands so they are little wider than your shoulder right over the baby. You want to make sure that you are on top of the knees, your abs are engaged so that you are protecting the lower back and then you are going to go ahead and gently lower your body and you can give the baby a kiss if you want to. Now this is going to be working the shoulders, the triceps, the abs, the lower back and of course the chest and these are push ups down and up.

    Now if you start feeling any fatigue in your lower back it's okay to listen to that and take a break. Now let's do about three more. There is one and press and two engage your abs, one more and bring it all the way back and inhale and exhale, stretch it out.

    So this next exercise is just a basic pelvic tilt and what you are going to be doing is strengthening your hamstrings, your glutes and the whole pelvic floor as well as the lower part of your abdominal muscles. So you just want to push up from your heels, making sure that your heels are directly underneath your knees and I want you to bring it up and then all the way down engaging your pelvic floor with every contraction up and back down and you are also contracting the lower part of your abdominal muscles to create this exercise, while you are hugging Spencer. Up and down and keeping those knees right over the heels and you are going to do a step between eight and sixteen.

    So this next exercise is to focus on the lower part of the abdominals and because Spencer is falling sleepy, he is just so content, just lying right next to her. So you are going to place the ankle over the knee. You want to make sure that your lower back is going to be supported and your hand behind your head, Just put your head and neck.

    So you are going to engage the little lower part of the abdominal muscles to lift to the bum off the mat or the rug and into the chest and we are going to do between eight and sixteen reps just like that. If you start feeling any tension in your lower back you can also create a crunch by lifting your upper body and you can even keep your upper body in a upright position and just pulling your bump off the rug using the lower part of your abdominal muscles that's perfect. Can you feel that in your abs?

    Now after you get in about 08-16 reps you can switch sides, next one. Your form is perfect and again she is engaging the lower part of the abdominal muscles to create this lift. With this next exercise it's called the Downward Facing Dog and what this is going to do, it's going to help strengthen and tone the full body as well as stretch out the hamstrings. So let's go ahead and place the hands right over Spencer and then you are going to push into your heels and you want to feel a stretch deep into your chest and underneath your armpits.

    We are just stretching out her hamstrings here, engaging your abs and you want to take a deep breath in and then I want you to go into a plain position here engaging your abs exhale, go back into a downward facing dog. Trying to push your heels into the floor and back into a plank and then go back into that downward facing dog engaging your abs, contracting your quads, and you are feeling a stretch underneath your armpits, hamstrings and caps and you can always take a break.

    So as you can see there are plenty of exercises that you can do at home and with your baby. So next we are going to be talking about some nutrition tips that's going to further help you lose those unwanted pregnancy pounds.