Potted Plant Care For Winter

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master gardener William Moss shares his tips for preparing potted plants for Winter weather.

    William Moss: So you set your houseplants outdoors for a summer vacation, but the temperature has started to drop a little bit and it's time to get them back in. But before we do, we've got to clean and inspect them. Today we're bringing our houseplants inside.

    You want to make sure you get them in before the temperatures drop down to the 40s. Most of they can take it, but it might stun them a little bit and you definitely don't want to stop this beautiful show. So get them in as the temperature start to drop, I'll pick the rainy day, that's great.

    Pick whatever day you want as long as the temperatures don't go down into the 40s. Then you want to just bring them in, sit them in a garage or some place and start to inspect them.

    You just want to look under the leaves, check to make sure that there aren't any bugs hiding out, spiders; other things like that. Once you've done that it's time to start cleaning them up. So you just take your pruners and you just get in and clean up any of the dead foliage and spent leaves, just get in there and clip all those things down.

    Now that every thing has been cut out, you want to get in and clean out any leaves or anything that's falling in. You just want to make sure that the plant is as clean of debris, dead leaves and foliage, insects, all of that stuff, you want to bring your plant back in as clean as possible.

    Alright, now that you've got everything cleared out, the very last thing that you do is you clean off the plant. If there's any soil or anything on the leaves, you just simply brush that off.

    Now they're ready to go back in the house. You don't have to water them at this point, but you got to make sure that you put your saucers underneath them, because they're no longer outside and you don't want the water to spill all over your house.

    After they have been checked, clipped and cleaned your houseplants are ready to come inside where you can enjoy them all winter.