Pounding the Swordfish and Making Bundles

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Amy Riolo demonstrates pounding the swordfish and making eggplant bundles.

    Amy Riolo: Hi! I am Amy Riolo. Today, we are making swordfish and eggplant bundles with artichokes, garlic and mint. In this segment, what I am going to show you how to do is prepare our swordfish.

    This is some swordfish which I picked up at Harris Teeter and you can always tell when swordfish is fresh, when any fish is fresh for that matter because it shouldn't have any smell to it. If you go really closely and smell it, it just smells like the ocean, it should smell like freshwater, it shouldn't have any of that fishy smell, whatsoever.

    Now in swordfish, there are different kinds. There is regular swordfish and there is pumpkin swordfish. The regular swordfish has this beautiful variation of rose color. You get from a darker rose to a lighter rose and that's what you are looking for in regular swordfish. In the pumpkin swordfish, it's going to have a little bit more of an orangy hue to it, but they are both wonderful. We want nice compact fillets like this that aren't mushy at all. They kind of maintain their integrity, if you press your finger into them.

    What we are going to do with these fillets is we are going to place them on top of a piece of wax paper. We are just basically thinning them out, so that we can then stuff them and roll them up. So I have a meat hammer and what I am going to do is just pound very lightly on top of each piece of swordfish. There we go. So this is what you can see the original piece and this is how thin it's going to be now. Some people are concerned with a mercury content in swordfish. Swordfish is not something for that reason that you want to eat too much. You'd want to eat it on more of a special occasion. Once you are familiar with this application, you can make the dish with chicken, with beef, with veal, with hedik, with tilapia, with lots of other kinds of fish. So try it once with the swordfish because that's the original variation of the recipe and then try it again on your own and discover your own favorite. So let's go and do the second piece of swordfish now. Basically as you go, as you are hitting it, you are not only hitting it in random, you are hitting it so that everything is even. So if you notice one piece is a little higher than the other, then just pound that side. See how our hammer has two sides, the pointy side and the flat. We are working with the flat. If you didn't have a meat hammer at home, you could use a heavy skillet or something else, but today we are using our meat hammer. So there we have it. So those are our flattened out swordfish fillets. Now what I am going to do is I am just going to take a little knife and remove any piece where we have the skin because we don't really need the skin in this application. This is going to be something which we want to eat the entire recipe. So we definitely do not need that. You could pull it off when you are completely done, but it's just as easy to do it this way. I am going to continue to remove the skin from our swordfish.

    So what we are going to do is take a piece of our swordfish and just layer some of these eggplant pieces right on top. We have boiled our eggplant and then we'd flip them over and cook them for an additional minute. So they are very tender and cooked through. It will be very easy for to to roll them inside of our swordfish. We are making a filling for the swordfish. A lot of times when you make fillings, you will think about having something which is not so healthy, but in this dish we are making a filling out of healthy eggplant, so it's delicious and it's good for us and it looks great. I think one of the keys to making healthy dishes are to make them, so that they not only taste good but look good because what happens a lot of times is we end up spending a lot of our preparation on dishes which taste great but they are not so good for us. So when you can make something healthy look good, it makes eating healthy a lot more fun. So again, I am going to put my eggplant right on top, it doesn't matter if it hangs over, exactly how many pieces you have. Because this is a rustic dish, I would say 2-3 pieces. I am going to take some of these broken up pieces and just put them right on top. That looks great. Then you just start at one end and literally just tuck the eggplant under, its very easy as you go. Kids love to work with projects like this and to help out with doing things like this in the kitchen. These are my bamboo skewers and I am just sticking them right through the middle. Now you could use metal skewers, you could use toothpicks, you could use whatever you like, but you just want something to secure it. So that the roll shape stays intact while the swordfish and the eggplant are cooking. What's going to give it this mixture so much flavor is that these are going to cook in a homemade tomato sauce. So you are going to really, really got a lot of flavor in a substantial type of a meal for something that's very healthful and has virtually no fat in it. This is nice because after it cooks, it shrinks down and then you can serve it sliced on a bed of tomato sauce. So now that we have our bundles ready, when we come back we are going to make our homemade tomato sauce and we are going to cook the swordfish and eggplant bundles in the tomato sauce.