Practice Dart Games – 27 and 28

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dart player Darren Parzow demonstrates how to play the practice dart games 27 and 28.

    Darren Parzow: Hi, I am Darren Parzow, Hall of Fame darts player and I am here teaching you how to play darts. Now I am going to teach you some of the practice darts games you can play to help you hone your skills for the games that we have already discussed. First thing I am going to discuss is 27. 27 is a game that is going to help you with your 01 game play it is going to work on your doubles. You are going to start with a score of 27 on the board. I am going to throw all three darts starting with the double one and you are going to work your way all the way through to the 2, 3, all the way around the board to the 20 and the bullseye. So you are going to use every double on the board. When you hit a double one you score the amount of that double, so if you hit one double one you are going to score two points, two double ones you are going to score four points and so on. If you miss all three darts at the double one, you are going to subtract the value of that double which is 25. So you are going to write the 25 on the board here. You then move to the double two, you are going to go in sequential order. So you are going to throw all three darts to the double two, now if you go ahead and you go miss, miss and then you hit the double two you receive four points. So you are going to add that to the 25 so you now have 29. You want to work your way all the way around the board 3, 4 etcetera until you get all the way around to the 20 and the bullseye to complete the game. So when you finish your scoring, you can indeed go negative. The object is to stay positive at the end of the game. So you can then write your total, let's say your total is a 100 points at the end of the game. You can write the total on the board so when you play it again you try and get a higher score than that 100 and that is how you play 27. The next game I am going to teach you is called 28, it is only one more point but it is a totally different darts game.

    This one is going to be more geared towards cricket and what you want to do is you want to throw cricket numbers in order, the 20, the 19, the 18, the 17, the 16, the 15 and finally the bullseye. All the three darts at each number per turn, so what you want to do is walk up and throw the 20, so if you would have scored three single 20s, instead of scoring the numbers, it is how many you hit. So you would hit three 20s. You then move your next hand in front of the 19. If you were to hit two 19's you would write down the total, three plus the two you now have five. Going to the 18 if you hit one, you have six and then the 17, you hit two triples and a single which is seven, well seven and six is 13. 16 you only hit two so you are 15. When you get to the number 15 you hit 9, triple, triple, triple that would be 24, when you get to the bullseye, if you hit four bullseyes, you hit a double bullseyes and two single bullseyes which for a total four which is 28. Now 28 is the goal, 28 is an average of four marks per number throughout the game which is where you would like to be. Now the goal is 28, you can of course, score more than 28, but if you can't score 28 you have lost the game. So you want to keep going until you get that 28 mark. Now that is how you play the darts game 28.