Pranks On You Leo!

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    A notorious prankster reporter gets Leonardo DiCaprio on the red carpet.

    Hey what's up guys.  I'm Emerald with your PopSocial News Update.


    Here’s  a little comedic relief to get your Monday going.


    Leonardo Di Caprio was the subject of a practical joke recently at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.  But not everyone was laughing.  Everything was going well as Leo began greeting fans, but then a man rushed up and hugged Leo around the waist.  Di Caprio seemed to keep calm and even had a smile on his face while it went down, but people around him were not pleased.  They had to pry the man off Leo and he was quickly taken away from the red carpet.  Luckily, the actor looked fine as he kept making his way to fans.  The man in question is actually an infamous prankster, Ukranian reporter Vitali Sediuk and you might remember him as the man who tried to kiss Will Smith during an interview and got slapped in the face. He’s also known for sneaking into the Grammies and trying to crash Adele’s acceptance speech. 


    So why are they still letting this man do any kind of reporting?


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