Pregame Like a Pro With the Ultimate Tailgating Menu

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    No matter who you’re cheering for, having the ultimate tailgating menu can make watching any sports match truly epic. This menu is your ticket to game-day bliss.

    Becca Frucht: Football season is here and lifestyle reporter food MDP Brandi Milloy is with me in the Popsugar parking lot with some winning tailgating ideas for your next big date game day. Brandi Milloy: Becca there is nothing that I love more than cheering on my favorite team. Just had to tell when team colors eating delicious food and just having a ton of fun, so I have some genius ideas for your next pre-gaming party. Becca Frucht: Well I have brought in some California love for my Carolina Tar Heels. Now tailgating is a birthright in the South, so you got to bring it girl and what's like you did. Brandi Milloy: It's already been brought, okay so for appetizers I have set a Frito pie station but this isn't your mom's Frito pie station. We are using cool ranch Doritos instead of Fritos all you do is open up your bag, put on your favorite fixings like chilly, white beans, avocado, sour creams, some jalapeos, and just dip it and forget it, it's so good. And then another appetizer I have, these are really cool. This is kind of hybrid. These are wachos. Okay, they are Waffle French fries stuffed with buffalo chicken dip, Oh my God! They are so good.

    Becca Frucht: You have stepped up your game right there, I mean you are genius and humanitarian, total touch down what's next. Brandi Milloy: All right, so for the entre, we are grilling up 1:15, that's wrapped in bacon. So I did this the night before, grill them up and then your gas can just stir themselves as they want, and take a look at this. A really great tip is, put all of the little toppings like your Sriracha, your ketch-up, your mustard. In the little carrier from your beer, it's a great way to reuse, reduce recycle. Becca Frucht: I like that very green. We have got this going on and keeping everything in the bag, so smart. Brandi Milloy: Right.

    Becca Frucht: Now you cannot have a tailgating party without some beer but I also see Sriracha, celery, looks like we have got a Bloody Mary station over here. Brandi Milloy: All right, actually say hello to the cocky Brewster. This is a play, and a Michelada and a Bloody Mary. It's Corona light, tomato juice, Sriracha, lime and we rinse the glass with a little bit of chilly sauce, it is out of this world, so refreshing.

    Becca Frucht: Oh, all right I got to try it, I got to try it.

    Brandi Milloy: Okay. Here we go, oh my God! It's so good and you can make this ahead of time, put it in a pitcher, your guests can serve this out.

    Becca Frucht: It's so good, I got to rename it to the Hell Bloody Mary. Brandi Milloy: Okay, Well, Hell the Bloody Mary. Becca Frucht: Okay, it's forth down, time for desert, what have we got? Brandi Milloy: Easy win, common it's all about chocolate cup cakes, all I do was just frost some chocolate cup-cakes with the chocolate frosting and then I just lined them with a little football laces, it's all in the details guys. Becca Frucht: I would bet on this spread any day. Brandi Milloy: Thank you Becca. Becca Frucht: All right, as they say, in Friday night lights, clear eyes, full ballets, can't lose, all right, go heels. Brandi Milloy: Go caps. Becca Frucht: Thanks a lot Brandi.