Prenatal Exercises – Ball Squats

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness instructor Vionna Jones demonstrates how to do Ball Squats.

    Vionna Jones: Hi! My name is Vionna Jones with Hot Mama Fitness Studio. Today, I am showing you how to workout during your pregnancies. In this segment, we are going to show you how to do Ball Squats. So for this exercise, you are going to need a stability ball and a wall that's nice and clear.

    So we will start. Julie will place the ball in between the wall and her lower back. So the positioning of the ball in this exercise is really important and we will make sure that you are comfortable while doing your squat. So you want to even start at maybe a little bit low, so that it will stay right behind your lower back while you do the exercise. So she can put her weight into the ball which is against the wall here and then she is going to walk her feet out a little bit.

    Now as usual, abs are engaged, shoulder blades are back. She is going to come down into her squat. So as she comes down, her tail bone tucks underneath the ball. You see when she comes down into her squat, her knees are right over top of her ankles and her feet are hip width apart. So this is a really good way to be in. Then she pushes up through her heels, comes up. You can give your glutes a little squeeze here and then come back down into your squat.

    She is holding 5 pound weights here. You can hold weights at your side, if you would like to or you can do it without at a beginner level. For this exercise, you can do between 10-15 depending on how comfortable you feel with the exercise and you can do 2-3 sets of this exercise. Also, for a little bit of an advance level, as Julie comes down into her squat, she is going to come up and do a bicep curl. Then as she comes down, they all come down together. You can do this again 10-15 repetitions of this.

    So now you are not only getting the strengthening of the quads and the glutes but also the bicep muscles as well. You can use some upper body into this exercise. It's also a good core strengthening because your are using the body to keep your weight against the ball and the wall, to keep yourself stable in this exercise. Then when you are done, you walk your feet back up, so you are in nice standing position. Then we are done with this exercise.

    So that is how to properly do a Ball Squat. In the next segment, we will show you how to properly do a push-up.