Prenatal Exercises – Push Up

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness instructor Vionna Jones demonstrates how to properly do a push-up.

    Vionna Jones: Hi! My name is Vionna Jones with the Hot Mama Fitness Studio. Today, I am showing you how to workout during your pregnancy. In this segment, we are going to show you how to properly do a push-up.

    So starting in a kneeling position on your mat, you are going to walk your hand forward. You are going to come to all fours and then just walk your arms a little bit forward of your shoulders. Then walk the hands, so that your hands are a little bit wider than your shoulders. Julie is here on her knees, so that she is in a nice alignment from her shoulders, straight to her knees, it's one nice straight line here. Abs are engaged as always and she is going to bend her elbows and bring her chin down towards the mat and then push back-up.

    So the further you get get along in your pregnancy, you will see you can't go down as far which makes the push-ups a little bit easier. You will want to do 2, maybe 3 sets of these with 12-15 in a set. Again, the more that you do these push-ups, the easier they are going to get in the more that you can do during one set.

    The importance of this exercise is that want to have nice, strong upper body for all the heavy things that you are going to have to carry later. When your baby becomes 20 pounds, strollers, car seats and all of those things. Then when you are finished, you walk your hands back and come back to your kneeling position. Take a break and then get ready for your second set.

    That is how to properly do a push-up. In our next segment, we will show you how to properly do an exercise called Row on the ball.