Prenatal Exercises – Row on the Ball

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness instructor Vionna Jones demonstrates how to do Row on the ball.

    Vionna Jones: Hi! My name is Vionna Jones with the Hot Mama Fitness Studio. Today, I am showing you how to workout during your pregnancy. In this segment, we are going to show you how to do Row on the ball.

    So to start, Julie is sitting again nice and tall on top of her stability ball, her shoulder blades are back, abs are engaged and her legs are at right angles at the hips and at the knees, with her ankles right underneath of her knees. Then she is going to use her resistance band that she has secured to the door with the door attachment that you can buy at the same place that you buy your resistance band.

    We have chosen red here. Red is about a medium level of strength on the band. You can get ones that offer more resistance or less resistance depending on your own strength level, but she is going to use this resistance band holding the handles in both hands and she is going to start with the arms extended all the way out. Again with her good posture here, she is going to then bring the elbows all the way back and squeeze between her shoulder blades. So it's like you have a pencil here and you are going to squeeze it to keep it from falling. Then she releases the arms all the way back up.

    Now this is a really important exercise here. She is using her core muscles to keep her nice and still on the ball here, but she is also strengthening her upper back. That is very important because we do so many things throughout the day that cause us to have bad posture this way. Strengthening the upper back is starting to bring your shoulder blades back and giving you really good posture here. The better your posture is while you are pregnant, the better you are going to feel. You are not going to get as tired throughout the day from having bad posture.

    Now she is going to do between 12 and 15 of these and she can do 2-3 sets. She will do one more here, squeezing in between the shoulder blades and extending the arms all the way back out. Now this is a good beginning level. If you want to get a little bit fancy with it once you have gotten really good at doing it this way, you can lift one leg off of the floor. So she is going to be able to balance here because she has got really good posture, her abs are engaged. Then she brings the elbows back and squeezes between her shoulder blades. Then again, extends all the way out, her shoulders are relaxed and down. Then she brings the elbows back, squeeze and then release.

    She will do 10 or 12 on this side and then she will do the same thing with the other leg lifting. You will probably notice that you are better balanced on one side than the other, which is okay. Then when you are done again 10-12 on this side, the same number on this side that you did on the other side. You extend the arms all the way out, put both feet back on the floor. Then when you are done, you just release the band. You can take a break in between sets here and then do 1 or 2 more sets when you are done.

    That is how to properly do a Row on the ball. In the next segment, we are going to show you how to Hamstring Curls.