Preparation for Kwanzaa

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nia Egwin of the United Black Community discusses how to celebrate Kwanzaa including preparing for Kwanzaa.

    Nia Egwin: Jambo! I am Nia and we are showing you how to celebrate Kwanzaa. In this segment, we will be discussing our preparations for Kwanzaa. Preparations for Kwanzaa should start about a week before Kwanzaa actually begins. On December 19, one should begin to gather and arrange your Kwanzaa symbols.

    Any decorations such as African carvings or straw baskets should be in a red, black and green color scheme, symbolising the bendera ya taifa which means Flag of the Black Nation. The Red represents the blood that was shed during the literation struggle of our people. The Black represents the collective color of all black people, here in the State and abroad. The Green represents the land, specifically the land of Africa and the life and the future that we plan to build together as African people.

    In addition to the bendera ya taifa, one should also include African Carvings, African Art and other decorations that are reflective of our African Culture. Next we will be going into the different symbols of Kwanzaa.