Preparation for Weather Stripping

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Construction expert Joe Wise demonstrates how to prepare to weatherstrip.

    Joe Wise: Hi, my name is Joe Wise, owner of Buildwise Construction in Orlando, Florida. Now, we are going to talk about prepping in the door jam, getting it nice cleaned up so we can put the weatherstripping on. As you can see, this weatherstrippings is old and dry. It comes right off with your finger. You really, don't have to have a lot of tools for that, but sometimes you might want to use the back of your scraper, your utility knife just to get in the corners. We are going to get this off, any area that's getting sticky, we will just scrape a little bit with the back of a razor knife here, get the corner good, get it, cut up any caulk that's coming off in the corner sometimes when they do these doorstops that caulk the corners. So we want to get that cleaned up. That's like that. Then we will spray a little cleaner on it. Let it sit for a second. I use my favorite tool, the little toothbrush and just clean this all up. What we are trying to do is getting off any mold or mildew or debris that might be in the way of keeping the weatherstripping from sticking properly. Once we get that all cleaned up, wipe it down and let it dry. While it's drying, we are going to look in some problem areas around the windows that need to be corrected.