Prepare A Car For Extended Storage

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    AAA shares their tips for storing a vehicle for an extended amount of time.
    John Neilsen: If you are planning to a vehicle set for an extended period of time, you should take steps to ensure it stays in good working order instead of returning to a dead battery and damaged engine or even a rat's nest. Learn how to care for a car that's sits. Clean the vehicles interior and exterior and make sure it's completely dry. Store the vehicle indoors in a cool guard can dry location, owners can also use a car bag or car cover that can breathe and will not trap moisture. Storing it for more than week or two, change the engine oil and filter to remove any acids and contaminants in the old oil, if your cars it due for a break fluid or coolant change, now is the time to have work done to avoid rust and corrosion. Use a battery tender or other maintains tight battery charger to keep full charge and prevent deterioration, make sure the battery terminals are clean, tight and free off corrosion. Seal off the tailpipe engine air filter inlet and any other opening where rodents might enter and take up residence. Steel wool works well and mop balls spread around the vehicle will also help repel critters. Add a fuel stabilizer, then fill the gas tank to prevent condensation. Drive the car for 5 to 10 miles to ensure the stabilize fuel is well circulated. Prevent tires from becoming flat spotted by a 10psi pressure to each tier. You can also move the vehicle periodically during storage replace the current jack stands when the tiers off the ground. Make a list of every storage preparation, so when you return it easy to put the vehicle back on the road. The next time your vehicle needs to be stored you'll come back to a vehicle in full working order.