Prepare Your Car for a Roadtrip

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Make sure everything is in order so you have a worry free vacation this year!

    Brian Trochelmann: I am Brian Trochelmann, Service Manager at Fairfax Motors. Today I am going to show you how to prepare your car for a road trip. This preparation is going to include inspection of the exterior of our car, the condition of the tyres, we are going to be checking the trunk, the spare, our toolkit, and other necessary things, i.


    , a safety kit that we might have. We are going to be inspecting the front and the rear lights. The undercarriage of our car; we are going to be looking underneath the hood to do a visual inspection of all the fluid levels. Also we are going to be looking at the interior to verify our seat belts are functioning, our indicators; all of these things are working.

    Today we have a 2005 BMW 530 equipped with a manual transmission. As we get going, we are going to have a few things that we need. We want to keep in mind the type of car that you have. Make sure that you check your owner's manual for the proper fluid specifications when it comes to anything you use in your car. Today for our car we have Automatic Transmission Fluid for the power steering system. Manufacturers recommended viscosity of the engine oil, standard wind shield washer fluid that you can purchase at any part store. We have a few tools, we have a standard tyre pressure gauge, we have a penny which we will explain later and we have some rags. Now a little bit about myself. I hail from Germany. I have been working on cars since 1978. I receive my apprenticeship with Mercedes Benz in Brayman, Germany. I have been working here with Fairfax Motors for the last year. Fairfax Motors is located in Fairfax, Virginia. Now let's turn our attention to the car and see how we can prepare your car for your road trip.