Preparing a Baby Spinach Salad

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Mohammad Karimy from Lebanese Taverna demonstrates how to prepare a baby spinach salad.

    Mohammad Karimy

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    Mohammed Karimy: Hello everyone, this is Mohammed Karimy with Lebanese Taverna. Here, we are making the baby spinach salad. As you see nice and fresh right here, I have some feta cheese, red onion, red pepper and I have here pomegranate molasses which is very nice and healthy, sweet sour. This is something really good, pomegranate vinaigrette and extra virgin olive oil. Now, let's make the dressing first. We are going to put some of the pomegranate molasses in bottom. This is kind of pasty. It goes in the bottom. Pomegranate vinaigrette goes on the top. You are going to like this. This is really good, really good. Extra virgin olive oil on top of all. Extra virgin olive oil is good for you, good for your heart. Here, I am going to add little bit sumac. This is nonpoisonous sumac comes from Middle East in India, they are safe to eat. So, I am going to put some there. And now I am going to mix all of this. See, mix it. Look at this. Look at the texture, very nice. Here is our spinach salad. We add the red pepper here, kind of all over and our red onion goes on the top also. And if you have toasted walnut, you can use that too. It s really up to you guys. Here I have some toasted pine nuts. When you toast it, you can do it in the oven or frying pan without any oil. Just make sure don t keep it too long in the oven, they will burn. So you have to keep an eye. And the dressing goes on the top. This is sweet sour dressing which is really good. Look at that. And that feta cheese on top of everything with& .

    put the feta cheese here. This is sheep milk feta cheese, which is very tasty. Look at this.